5 Day Sex Ed Bootcamp


Want to know how to talk to your kids about sex (in ways that don’t feel awkward or with too much information)?

When it comes to sex education, many parents don’t know where to start… so they don’t. Or they wait longer than they should.

I’d like to change that.

Introducing my 5 Day Sex Ed Bootcamp. It’s a FREE 5 day bootcamp that gives parents (like you) a solid foundation for sex education.

You will learn:

  • What sex education actually is (it’s more than you think).
  • Why parents need to talk to their children about sex (before someone else does it for you)
  • How to get over the 5 common blocks that stop parents from talking about sex with their kids.
  • What sex education needs to include (the essentials).
  • How to get started with simple strategies.

It’s free. It’s helpful. And it’s delivered in 5 bite-sized chunks direct to your inbox.

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