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family watching spring fever sex education videos

Spring Fever sex education videos (for tweens and early teens)

Inside: Here are some fantastic videos from the Spring Fever sex education teaching program that explains sex, how babies are made and the changes that happen during puberty.Youtube is one of those places

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girl reading books pre-teens should read

Essential books pre-teens should read about growing up

Here you will find some essential books pre-teens should read about growing up. Books that talk about puberty, love, sex and relationships. All the stuff that will start to interest your pre-teen more,

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Drama by Raina Telgemeier

Inside:  A graphic novel for tweens and early teens about  friendships, crushes and growing up. Quick Navigation About this bookIdeal agesBuy a copyVideo book reviewResources About

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a group of multi cultural children for the 5 day sex ed bootcamp

Sex Ed Bootcamp Unit 2

part 2 : Sex Ed Bootcamp Discover why parents need to talk to their children about sex (before someone else does it for you)Part 1, we looked at what modern day sex education looks like.Today, we are

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sample of My Period cards

My period – Everything you want to know about periods by Hey Girls

Inside:  Cards that parents can use for talking with tweens and teens about periods. Quick Navigation About this bookIdeal agesBuy a copyVideo book reviewResources About this bookMy period

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cover of a celebration of vulva diversity

A Celebration of Vulva Diversity by Hilde Atalanta

Inside:  A book that can teach teens that vulvas are all different and that they shouldn't be ashamed of theirs. Quick Navigation About this bookIdeal agesBuy a copyVideo book reviewResources About

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sample of menstruation products that can be found in books

The best books about menstruation and periods

Puberty often happens sooner rather than later.  And a huge part of puberty for many is getting their first period. And giving your daughter  (and even your son) some books about menstruation

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period positive bathroom

Do you live in a period positive house?

Inside: Make your home period-positve by providing menstrual supplies in your bathroom for visiting tweens and teens to use. Start breaking the cycle of period shame NOW!My 12 year old daughter had a wonderful

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bunch of young teenagers

Puberty facts: 10 things that your child needs to know about puberty

Inside: Here are 10 puberty facts that will help your son or daughter to thrive (and not just survive) puberty.Here are 10 puberty facts that all kids need to know about.Puberty can be a scary time for

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child taking crayon as a reason for teaching consent to kids

How to start teaching consent to kids

Inside: Teaching consent to kids doesn't have to be hard. For young kids it is about boundaries and keeping safe. For teens it is about understanding sexual consent.With all the stories about non-consensual

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