Affiliate  & Bookseller information

Thank you for being interested in selling products from Sex Ed Rescue. 

There are 2 ways that you can do this.

1. Affiliate Program: You can place a banner on your blog or website or hand out a flyer at workshops. 

2. Book Seller & Wholesale: You can buy books at wholesale and onsell them through your website, store or at workshops. 

You can find the details down below, and the Terms & Conditions here.

You can join here and here. (I'm sorry but you need to signup twice ie Sex Ed Quickies requires a separate application).

Or email me directly at cath (at) sexedrescue (dot) com or here, for more information.

Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Sex Ed Rescue Affiliate Program.

Now you can make money WHILE helping parents to start talking about sex with their kids.

If you have a website, write a blog or regularly connect with parents with children of all ages, then my products are relevant to your audience and could be a great complement to what you already offer.

It is pretty simple to join. And I will even provide you with the banners for your website or the flyers for your workshops.  This is what they look like!

Here are the benefits of becoming an affiliate member with Sex Ed Rescue:

  • 30% commission
  • 90 day cookie duration
  • Ready to use banners 
  • Printable flyers for parent workshops 
  • Email every time an affiliate sale is made
  • Monthly payment
  • Commission tracking and reporting
  • No cost to become an affiliate

For more information, please email me directly at cath (at) sexedrescue (dot) com or here.

Or just sign up  here and here.

Terms and conditions are here

Book Seller & Wholesale Enquiries

Sex Ed Rescue is able to sell paperbacks to  peers, libraries, schools, bookstores and other retailers  who wish to purchase the paperback wholesale.

I am  happy to provide wholesale pricing for minimum orders, with no limit on numbers sold. We can arrange payment via paypal, direct deposit or tax invoice.

And even though I live in Australia, my printer has printing machines in America, the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia, which means that shipping is very reasonable! 

For more information, please email me directly at cath (at) sexedrescue (dot) com or here

Terms and conditions are here