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child taking crayon as a reason for teaching consent to kids

How to start teaching consent to kids

Inside: Teaching consent to kids doesn't have to be hard. For young kids it is about boundaries and keeping safe. For teens it is about understanding sexual consent.With all the stories about non-consensual

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child masturbation, child holding leaf over face looking coy

Everything a parent needs to know about child masturbation

Inside: Child masturbation is a common age-appropriate behaviour in kids. So should you be worried and how do you teach your child that it's private, without shaming them?There are a number of things that

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2 children playing doctor

What to do when you catch your child ‘playing doctor’

Inside: Many parents worry when they catch their child 'playing doctor'. Learn why kids examine each other's genitals, how best to respond and when to worry (or not).Playing doctor (having a look

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child putting hands in pants

Child putting hands in pants: A guide for frustrated (or even worried) parents

Inside: So what should a parent do with a child putting their hands in their pants? All of the time! Find out why kid's do it and how to manage it  before it becomes a problem. You're not alone if

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naming private parts young child

Naming private parts. What’s a parent supposed to do? And why?

Inside: Naming private parts with the correct name is something that parents are told they should do.  But why is this so important and is it still okay to use made-up names?As a parent, we get told

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2 boys standing in front of a window

Child erection. How to explain them to kids

Inside: A guide to help parents to talk to kids about child erections without shaming them or worrying about what's normal (or not). You'll find information relevant for children of all ages. A common

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