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photo of pages of the paper dolls

Free (anatomically correct) printable paper dolls

These anatomically correct free printable paper dolls make a great conversation starter! Here are some free printable paper dolls that are a little different because they are anatomically correct! Yes,

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covers of some of the best children's books about LGBT families

Some of the best children’s books about LGBT families

Talking about same-sex relationships and families with kids can sometimes be tricky, but these children's books about LGBT families can help with starting the conversation. Children today are growing

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covers of children's books about diversity and inclusion

Some of the best children’s books about diversity and inclusion

An important part of sex education is the acceptance and tolerance of diversity, and there are some fantastic children's books about diversity and inclusion, that will help you with getting started!As

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covers of gender positive children's books

Some of the best gender positive children’s books

If you are wanting to talk to your child about gender, you'll like some of the gender positive children's books in this list. They will definately help you to start having open honest conversations about

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covers of childrens books about gender identity

Some of the Best Children’s Books about gender identity

Over the last couple of years, children's books about gender identity have become extremely popular.  With more and more of them being published each year, as parents search for books that will

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transgender child

A guide for parents on how to explain transgender to a child

If you’re a parent, you might be wondering about how to explain transgender to a child. Transgender is a very topical contentious topic today. You will hear about it in the news, see it on the front

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rainbow pencils

The best children’s books on transgender

One of the biggest changes in sex education over the last decade has been the introduction of children's books about being transgender. Today we are a lot more aware (than we used to be) that gender

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