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Do you have a great idea for a guest post that might help parents to talk about tricky topics? Like sex, puberty, porn, same-sex relationships, online safety, child sexual abuse, consent, gender, sexual diversity, protective behaviours, body safety, pregnancy, alcohol, drugs, dating, STIs, contraception, periods, safe sex, sexual assault, tweens, teens, social media, media literacy and more.

Or an idea for an article that could help parents to have a better relationship with their child?

Or do you have a story to share about your own experiences of sex education growing up? Or about how you tackle sex education with your own child?

Sex Ed Rescue is all about helping parents to have open and honest conversations with their child about sexuality. So if you have an idea for an article that will help parents with this, then read ALL the information below, fill out the form and I’ll be in touch!

Guest posting guidelines

– Posts must be original and cannot be published anywhere else, now or in the future.

– Posts should be 1,000+ words and focus on helping parents to talk about tricky topics or to help strengthen the parent-child relationship.

– Fill out the form below with 2-3 post ideas.

Writing Guidelines

Once we’ve agreed on a topic, please follow these writing guidelines.

– Break up content with subheadings, lists, bullets, etc.

– Keep paragraphs readable by cutting them down to no more than 5 lines each.

– Use a conversational tone. Write as if you were talking to a friend.

– Your guest post must be carefully edited and proofread.

– Images are not required unless they are relevant to your article (you must own the copyright to the image).

– Affiliate links and internal links may be added by me, as well as minor editing to correct spelling, grammar, and SEO.


– You may include two links within the post to your own (relevant) blog content.

– Include 2-5 links to other high-quality, authoritative sources to support your content.

– Affiliate links are not allowed.

Author biography

– Include a short bio (3-5 sentences) that will be added to the post and linked to your website.

– Include a square headshot (300 x 300 px). Your headshot will be posted with your author bio and may be included on social media graphics.

Get in touch

Fill out the form below and include 2-3 post ideas and tell me a little bit about yourself.

Please note that NOT all guest posts will be approved.