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Struggling to talk to your kids about sex?

Get the right information, resources and strategies from a qualified, friendly sex educator who works directly via Zoom.

When it comes to sex and kids — your kids — no matter what the issue; big, small or what the?!

One thing’s for sure:

You’ll probably feel discomfort, shame and embarrassment.

While these feelings are completely normal, they are a big barrier to getting the answers you need. And not getting the answers you need, means important conversations with kids happen too late, or not at all.

As a sex educator, nurse, sex therapist and clinician, I’ve been talking to people about sex, particularly parents, since the early ’90s. People are often referred to me directly from child protection agencies, family planning bodies, schools, nurses… with questions that are “too hard” or don’t have “easy answers”.


Because I’m very (very) good at making sense of sex, sexuality and kids in ways that help parents get the information, strategies and support they need.

Sex Ed Rescue helps parents to find a better way to talk to kids about sex. So they can talk to their kids about sex with less cringe and more confidence. And empower them to make decisions about their bodies.

I help parents from all over the world with one-to-one single sessions. We can do this over the phone, via video call (on your phone) or even by email.

One-to-one sessions are designed for the parent feeling some anxiety or confusion over a particular issue relating to kids and sex. They are confidential coaching sessions, which means:

It’s not sex therapy (though I’ve worked in this area in the past).
It’s not counselling (though I have the skills).
It’s primary focus is on getting to the heart of the problem and arming you with the right solutions, correct understanding and right resources.

Parents tend to work with me one-to-one, when they:

Have encountered a problem relating to their child’s sexuality or development and they don’t know what’s normal, what’s cause for alarm and what to do about it.
Need to talk to their child about online porn they’ve viewed, but don’t know where to begin.
Have been sexually abused themselves and are experiencing anxiety around sex education now they have kids of their on.
Are worried about passing on their own negativity, fears or shame about sex to their own child.
Are feeling confused about how to deal with a specific issue relating to kids and sex.
Want to be better prepared for talking to their kids about sex.

As a sex therapist, I have seen the impact that poor or lack of sex education, has on an individual’s sexuality and sex-life. I have also seen changes in the patterns of people’s behaviour and knowledge when it comes to sex education.

Despite the fact that you can google it like never before, today there’s a greater need for proper sex education, values and wisdom.

One-to-one coaching sessions with me will help you:

Get clarity on the problem and understand why it’s happening.
Understand what is normal, what’s not and what you can do.
Find the right people, resources and support should you need it.
Know which conversation to have with your child and how to initiate it.
Replace anxiety with understanding and peace of mind.
Put a plan in place if needed
Get perspective and strategies you need, fast.

You can book either a 30 or 60 minute session. Select your currency (AUD, CAD, EURO, CAD or USD) and click the button below to book.

The 30 minute session is ideal for parents who want support but don’t need a whole hour to handle it. This shorter option lets you get fast answers and information about whatever’s on your mind without digging into the deep stuff.

The 60 minute session is ideal for stuff that is a little more complicated. Like discovering your child is watching porn. Or you’re worried about how to handle sexual behaviour. Or you feel lots of anxiety or shame around sex.

And afterwards, you can still reach out to me via email. So if you have any further questions or need to clarify anything we discussed, you can always check in with me.

If you’re unsure of which Coaching Session to book, please get in touch to chat. Or you can just book the longer session and if we finish within 30 minutes, I’ll refund you the price difference.


How long does a session last for?

Either 30 or 60 minutes (depending on what you’ve booked).

How will we be talking?

We’ll meet on Zoom – which means it’ll be a phone or video call (whichever you prefer). And don’t worry, Zoom is very easy to use and secure (privacy settings will be set up). If you don’t like Zoom, we can meet via Skype, FaceBook messenger, WhatsApp or by phone. I’m happy to use whatever works best for you!

How does this coaching work?

You’ll select the type of coaching you want, click the link and pay. You’ll be redirected to an online calendar where you’ll answer a few questions (so I can prepare for our session) and select a timeslot to suit (let me know if you can’t find a time to suit and I will open up some extra time slots).

Once you’ve selected your time slot, you’ll receive a follow-up email from me with the link for our session. You don’t need to download Zoom, just click on the link and you’ll be directed to a zoom ‘waiting room’, where I’ll then let you in!

On the day, all you need to do is grab your phone or laptop, pen and paper,  pop on your headphones or earbuds, click on that link and we’ll start our call.

You’ll receive a follow-up email afterwards with a summary of what we talked about, links to any resources I suggested, and what to do next. Plus you can always check in with me and ask any further questions via email.

How many sessions will I need?

One session is usually enough. If follow-up sessions are required, we can organise that at a discounted rate.

What if I forget what you say?

That can happen but I’ll be taking notes, which means you’ll receive a follow-up email with a summary of what we talked about, links to any resources I suggested, and what to do next.

Plus, you can check in with me via email and ask any further questions.

Can we talk on the phone instead?

Yes. If you’d rather not meet online, or don’t have access to a webcam, or if you have limited internet service, we can meet for coaching over the phone. Just let me know when making your appointment.

How do I pay?

When you click on the button, you’ll be taken to a payment gateway where you can pay via credit card or PayPal.

What is your consulting schedule?

I live in Australia but work with parents from all over the world, which means I will try to fit in with your schedule as much as possible, even if that means weekend, early morning or late evening appointments for me. If you don’t see a time that works for you, send me an email and we can find a time that works.

What if it doesn’t work out for me?

My goal is to help you with sex education. So I offer a simple guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your coaching session, just let me know and I’ll either offer you another session, or refund your fee.

Do I need to live in Australia?

No! Parent Coaching is an international service. As long as you have a phone or internet access, and a desire to work on your parenting, we can work together! I have an international booking program, so you can see my availability in your time zone.

Can I chat to you first?

Of course you can! You can get in touch below!

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