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mother and daughter

6 tips for having “the period” talk

Inside: Here's 6 tips for "the period" talk that will help parents to have shame-free conversations and to prepare their daughter for menstruation.​There’s often a stigma surrounding conversation about

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2 pairs of period pants

Period Pants 101: Everything a parent needs to know about period proof underwear

Inside: Everything a parent needs to know about period pants for girls!​Let’s talk about period pants for girls! What they are, how they work, why you’d want to use them, when to use them, who can

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period positive bathroom

Do you live in a period positive house?

Inside: Make your home period-positve by providing menstrual supplies in your bathroom for visiting tweens and teens to use. Start breaking the cycle of period shame NOW!My 12 year old daughter had a wonderful

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mother and daughter before her first period

When will I start my first period? A Quiz for girls

Inside: The 'When will I have my first period?' quiz helps tweens work out when to expect their first period so they are prepared for the big day.The 'When will I start my first period?' Quiz helps tween

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sample of different menstruation products for periods

Best periods products to use for a first period

Inside: An extensive guide to the different types of period or menstruation products your child can use for their first period. You'll learn about the different types of products, how they work and why

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period bag examples of it filled with period supplies

The best period bag for tween girls

Inside: Find out how to make your daughter's first period much easier by finding the best period bag for tweens, that will make managing periods less stressful!A ​period bag is something that every

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The DIY period kit that will make your girl feel prepared

Inside: Prepare your daughter for her first period by making up a DIY period kit for school that she can keep in her school bag, before  her first period starts.If your daughter is 10, you need to

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3 girls looking at camera

3 signs your daughter is about to start her period

Inside: What are the first signs your daughter is about to start her period? Find out what signs to look out for, so that you can prepare your daughter for her first period (before it already happens). If

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3 boys walking down a street

How to start explaining periods to your son

Inside: A guide for parents on how to start explaining periods to your son so that boys see menstruation as a shame-free part of life.A common question that I'm asked by parents is about how to start explaining

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