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The DIY period kit that will make your girl feel prepared

If your daughter is 10, you need to start thinking about getting ready for her first period ie  making up a DIY period kit for school. You may think 'WHAT?' and that 10 is way too young for your

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3 girls looking at camera

3 signs your daughter is about to start her period

Recognise the signs for your daughter’s first period so that she is prepared for her big day! What are the first signs your daughter is about to start her period? Find out what signs to look out

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How to start explaining periods to your son

A common question that I’m asked by parents is about how to start explaining periods to your son. They may be unsure about whether their son needs to know about periods, what to tell him and how

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mother and daughter before her first period

When will I start my first period? Quiz for girls

The ‘When will I start my first period?’ Quiz helps tween girls work out when to expect their first period so that they can be prepared for the big day. Waiting for your first period can feel

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period bag examples of it filled with period supplies

The best period bag for tween girls

A period bag is something that every tween girl should have. Preferably before they have their first period. But what sort of bag do you get? What do you put inside it and how do you get your tween to

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period positive bathroom

Do you live in a period positive house?

My 12 year old daughter had a wonderful idea about how we could make our home period positive. It was such a good idea that I casually mentioned it in my weekly newsletter. And I was surprised by how many

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menstruation products at the supermarket

Which menstruation products should I buy for my daughter?

Pads, tampons, liners, period cups, sea sponges... the list goes on!Eventually a time comes when you need to think about what menstruation products (or menstrual products) you need to get for your

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