How to Talk to Kids About Bodies

How to name the genitals and have shame-free conversations with your child about their body

This 38 page guide will show you how to have shame-free conversations with your child about their private parts (or genitals).  It will help you to teach your child the correct words and to talk about their body comfortably. Ideal for parents of kids up to the age of 12.

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Many children are curious about the differences between boys and girls. Maybe your child has noticed that you don’t have a penis like them, or you’ve caught them closely inspecting their friend’s genitals during play. And you’re unsure about how to satisfy their curiosity and what to teach them about this part of their body.

In How to Talk to Kids About Bodies, you’ll find all the help you will need to have comfortable conversations with your child about their body without taking away their childhood innocence.

This short book is just 38 pages in length, and gets straight to the point by helping you to teach your child the correct names for their private parts (or genitals) in an everyday way.

You will find out how to:

  • Talk to children up to the age of 12 about their private parts with more confidence and less cringe.
  • Decide which words to use so that your child is using language that they understand and is appropriate for their developmental stage and age.
  • Feel more comfortable using words that you aren’t used to using so that you can move from awkward to natural conversations.
  • Explain the rules for using these words so that your child doesn’t use them inappropriately or at the wrong place or time!
  • Include the private body parts in everyday conversation with age-appropriate suggestions for babies and toddlers (0-2), pre-schoolers (3-5), early schoolers (6-8) and tweens (9-12). 

Talking to children about penises and vulvas can be embarrassing for most parents but with How to Talk to Kids About Bodies, you have a guide that will hold your hand as you get started!

Grab a copy and start having open and honest conversations with your child so that they grow up without feeling shame about their body.

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