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How to Talk to Kids About Sex

How to explain sex to your child in 5 easy step

This 28 page guide will tell you what to say to your child about sex and how to start saying it. It will definitely get you started, regardless of the age of your child! Ideal for parents of 3 to 14 year olds.

Please note: This is a PDF that you can print or read on your computer, tablet or phone. Upon purchase, you’ll receive an immediate email with a link. Simply click that link to download the PDF.


Are you getting close to having ‘that’ conversation with your child? Or feeling unsure about the right way to explain sex? Without giving your child too much information? Or not enough?In How to Talk to Kids About Sex, you’ll find all the help you will need to get past those awkward first moments and to start explaining sex to your child in a language they’ll understand.This short book is just 28 pages in length,  and gets straight to the point by telling you what to say to your child about sex and how to start saying it!Inside you’ll find:

  • 28 page PDF that is based on the latest peer-reviewed research and evidence-based practice.
  • Information you can trust by an internationally-recognised expert and health professional with over 25 years of clinical expertise.
  • 10 important things to know before you even start so that you’re fully prepared.
  • How to easily explain sex to your child even if they show no interest in the ‘sex’ conversation.
  • How to start a conversation and get past any barriers that might be stopping you from getting started.
  • 20+ ideas for talking about sex so that you can create crucial talking points with your child. Before they get misinformation from someone or someplace else so that you know the right information to share at the right time.
  • Resources to help you continue having meaningful conversations with your child about love, sex, relationships and growing up.

Explaining sex to children is embarrassing for most parents but with How to Talk to Kids About Sex, you have a guide that will hold your hand as you get started!

Grab a copy and start talking to your child about sex NOW. Before someone else does it for you!

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