Play & Learn: PaperDoll Families

Paperback & Printable

An activity book that will help your child to learn about pregnancy, birth and babies through play

Do you want to talk to your child about where babies come from?

They might be asking ‘Where did I come from?’ or you or your partner might be pregnant and you want to explain… but that feels like a hard conversation to have.

You want to give them the right amount of information without worrying about whether you’ve given them too much or not enough, or even worse, that it’s the wrong information.

It’s never too early to begin this conversation and you can do it without a full-blown description of sex. You can answer your child’s questions in a way that makes sense to them – and doesn’t leave you feeling tongue-tied or embarrassed.

This activity book will help you to have the conversation in a relaxed and comfortable way!

Whether it’s the first conversation you’ve ever had about where babies come from.

Or you’ve already chatted and are now looking for a comfortable way to continue the conversation.

This activity book can help you to start shame-free conversions that feel natural (instead of awkward). And where your child can learn about pregnancy, birth and babies with age-appropriate facts that satisfy their curiosity and answer their questions whilst they cut, colour and play.

layout of what's inside paperdoll families

Play & Learn: PaperDoll Families

Ideal for children aged 3 and up!

This fun activity includes:

  • 6 cute anatomically-correct baby dolls of different ethnicities, ages, gender and sex for your child to colour in, cut out and dress up however they please! 
  • 5 costumes for each baby that allow you to chat about the differences between boys and girls and the correct names of the genitals.
  • 4 adult dolls so your child can choose a family that represents theirs, regardless of how many parents they have (1, 2, 3 or more) or whether their parents are of a different sex to each other, or the same sex.
  • 10+ costumes and accessories for each adult that are inclusive of different genders and sexes. You’ll find costumes that allow the adults to be pregnant as well as the different ways to feed a baby. You’ll also find costumes that include a wheelchair and walking aids. As well as head coverings, such as hijabs.
  • Transgender friendly with costumes included that allow both the male and female adults  to be pregnant and to naturally feed their baby.
  • Reader guide with suggestions on how to get started, what to talk about and what to do if your child doesn’t respond.
  • Appendix of helpful illustrations and simplified questions and answers for explaining:
    • Names of the different  body parts
    • Where babies grow & what they look like inside (as they grow)
    • What you need to make a baby
    • Where the egg and sperm come from
    • How the egg and sperm meet (non-sex and sex version)
    • The other ways to make a baby
    • How the baby comes out
  • Available in two formats. You can buy a Paperback book or a printable PDF to print at home.
  • A reusable activity that children can play with, over and over again.
5 baby dolls of different ethnicity, gender and ages with gendered and gender-neutral clothing
4 adult dolls with gendered and gender-neutral clothing
Suggestions on how to get started and what to talk about with your child
8 pages of illustrations for answering questions and teaching your child about pregnancy, babies and their anatomy

Grab this invaluable resource if you’re looking for a hands-on activity that will help with explaining where babies come from WITHOUT a full-blown description of sex!

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