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Play & Learn
PaperDoll Friends

Anatomically-correct paperdolls to cut & color

These PaperDoll friends are the perfect way for parents to start talking to their kids about human anatomy, gender, and the value of inclusion and diversity… and-most importantly, it’s loads of fun! Ideal for kids aged 3 and up.


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Please Note: This book is available as a paperback (from Amazon or Book Depository) or as a printable PDF file. Upon purchase, you’ll receive an immediate email with a link. Simply click that link to download the PDF. 


Anatomically correct paperdolls  provide parents with the perfect opportunity for kids to learn about the human body as they cut, color and play.

This is dress-up with a difference! These paper dolls are jam-packed with outfits and costumes for kids to colour in and for the super-cute dolls to wear. Even better, your kids will learn a thing or two about the human body as they cut, color, and play.

That’s because, unlike the characters in other dress-up activity books, these paper dolls aren’t smoothed-over dolls—they have genitals matching biologically male, female, and intersex children.

They are the perfect way for parents to start talking to their kids about anatomy and gender, and is judgment-free, inclusive, and—most importantly—loads of fun!

Featuring ten dolls and over twenty costumes, these Play & Learn PaperDoll Friends will keep your children entertained and educated for hours on end. The only limit is their imagination!

Ideal for children aged 3 and up!

This is what you’ll find:

  • 10 super-cute dolls of different cultural backgrounds that your child can color in, cut out and dress up however they please! Regardless of their gender (boy, girl or trans) and biological sex (male, female or intersex).
  • 20+ diverse and inclusive costumes that will fit all dolls and allow you to start meaningful conversations with your child about gender stereotypes. You’ll also find costumes that include a wheelchair and walking aids.
  • Notes for the Reader on the importance of facilitating open and honest conversations about bodies and anatomy with your children.
  • Suggestions for getting started and what to do if your child doesn’t respond.
  • Discussion guide for starting conversations, including the correct anatomical names of their private parts, the difference between boys and girls or males and females, intersex, transgenderism, gender diversity, family rules for nudity and bodies, differences and similarities with bodies, self-care, how their body works, public and private, consent, body safety and equality.
  • Ideal parent & child activity that is educational, interactive and fun.
  • A reusable activity that children can play with, over and over again.
  • Available as a paperback book and/or printable PDF (so you can download as many copies as you like).
  • BONUS printable paper house for more hours of imaginative play and fun!

These paperdolls are the perfect resource for starting shame-free conversations about bodies and gender. Get your copy NOW!

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