The Play & Learn: PaperDoll SuperHeroes

Paperback & Printable

Anatomically-correct Super Heroes for kids to cut & colour

Are you…

Hesitant to start explaining the differences to your child, between male and female bodies?

Disillusioned with yet another book about the human body that (yet again) doesn’t include the genitals or fails to be representative of diversity?

Frustrated when your child is adamant that ‘boys can’t have long hair’ and ‘girls can’t be a superhero’, even though you tell them they can?

Embarrassed because you feel uncomfortable with starting conversations about penises and vulvas?

Struggling to find new ways to start conversations about bodies and gender that feel more natural and less awkward?

child reading the paperdoll superheroes book

The Play & Learn PaperDoll SuperHeroes are the perfect resource for parents & kids

These anatomically-correct PaperDolls provide kids with the perfect opportunity to learn as they cut, colour and play

layout of PaperDoll SuperHeroes

The Play & Learn: PaperDoll SuperHeroes

Ideal for children aged 3 and up!

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This fun activity includes:

  • 10 super-cute SuperHeroes of different ethnicities for your child to colour in, cut out and dress up however they please! Regardless of their gender (boy, girl, non-binary or trans) and sex (male, female or intersex).
  • 20+ diverse and inclusive SuperHero costumes that will allow you to chat about the correct anatomical names of their private parts, the difference between male and female bodies, intersex, being transgender, gender diversity, body safety and more. You’ll also find costumes that include a wheelchair and walking aids.
  • 2 SuperHero Masks for your child to decorate and wear
  • Parent guide with suggestions on how to get started, what to talk about and what to do if your child doesn’t respond.
  • Available in two formats. You can buy a Paperback book or a printable PDF to print at home.
  • A reusable activity that children can play with, over and over again.
  • Popular parent & child activity that is educational, interactive and fun.
10 children of different ethnicity and each available with male, female and intersex genitals
20+ costumes that fit all dolls regardless of their gender and assigned sex
Masks for your child to colour, cut and wear (so they can be a SuperHero too!)
Suggestions on how to get started and what to talk about with your child

These SuperHeroes are the perfect resource for starting shame-free conversations about bodies and gender

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