The Parents’ Guide to Puberty

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A straight-forward common-sense book that will help you to prepare your child for puberty

Are you feeling unsure about the puberty talk?

Worried that you’ll say too much and overwhelm your child? Or too little and misinform them? 

Uncertain as to whether boys need to understand puberty differently than girls?

Hesitant about how to approach the topic without embarrassing them, or myself?

Terrified that they will show no interest, or cover their ears while walking away?

Anxious as you want your child to have a better experience of puberty than you had?

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I love Cath Hakanson’s books. They are authentic, practical, well researched and empowering and this is no exception. I wish I’d had a book like this when my children were growing up.

As a sex educator who talks with thousands of parents and kids every year, I would recommend this book to parents, carers and educators, even if their child is not yet going through puberty. I have both Cath’s books Boy and Girl Puberty but she has amalgamated both of them together in one which is important in this day and age. Most of all I just love the 100+ questions at the end that will give you confidence as a caregiver and to know what to say when your child asks you – so that positive, empowering conversations can continue through life.

Rowena Thomas, Amazing Me

The Parents’ Guide to Puberty

Ideal for parents and carers of kids aged 8 and older.

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  • 182 page Paperback or eBook that is up-to-date, evidence-based, straightforward and practical.
  • 20+ illustrations that help to explain puberty and the changes that will happen to your child’s body.
  • Understand what puberty means for your child so that you are fully prepared to answer their questions.
  • Know the evolving changes that happen during puberty (and when) so that you can identify them and prepare your child for what comes next with confidence.
  • Realise the importance of discussing puberty before it starts so that your child isn’t surprised, confused or frightened.
  • Develop basic tools to help you easily talk to your child even if they demonstrate no interest in having the “p” conversation.
  • Create crucial talking points you can use with your child, before they get misinformation from someone or someplace else, so that you know the right information to share at the right time.

A book that tells parents how to talk to their child about puberty

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Are you ready to start having honest conversations about puberty that will protect & guide your child in a over-sexualised world, and strengthen your relationship without feeling embarrassed, awkward or nervous?

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