Sex Ed Quickies

Quick, easy, age-appropriate scripts that tell you exactly how to talk to your child about sex.

Less cringe. More confidence.

(and a lot more trust)

Do you ever…

Fumble to find the right words when your child asks you questions like ‘Where do babies come from?’ or ‘How does the sperm get to the egg?’.

Worry that you won’t know the answer or you’ll say too much, too little or even the wrong thing.

Fear that your child is too young for this much information or won’t even understand the answer.

You’re not alone if you do…

Over the past 25 years, I have found that many parents struggle with answering their child’s questions about sex.

They don’t know what to say, how to say it and when to say it.

​And they turn to me, looking for a solution.

So I created Sex Ed Quickies.

A resource that gives parent's quick, easy, age-appropriate answers to their child’s sex questions.

So that you can answer your child’s questions with less cringe and more confidence!

Introducing Sex Ed Quickies

what's inside Sex Ed Quickies

Sex Ed Quickies is a set of age-specific scripts that provides parents with quick, easy age-appropriate answers to kid’s questions about a wide range of sex-related topics.

Which means you can answer your child’s questions with less cringe and more confidence. And a lot more trust!

You’ll find individual scripts for children of each age, from 3 to 13 years.

You can either print out the scripts for the ages that you need. Or access them through the web-based app. So whether you are at home or at the shops, you'll have answers that are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Grab Quickies for only $39 USD or $47 AUD today

At only $39, these scripts are the perfect resource for answering questions or starting conversations

Here’s a peek at what’s inside:

  • Word-for-word scripts that provide you with the exact wording to use when talking to your child about sex (without telling them more than they are ready for).
  • Answers to over 300 questions on a wide range of different topics, including how babies are made, sexual intercourse, body parts, puberty, relationships, pregnancy, birth, masturbation, sexual diversity, gender, pornography, STIs, contraception and much more.
  • 11 individual sets of scripts with answers for kids aged between 3 to 13 years of age. Reduce overwhelm by only reading what’s relevant. Just print the relevant PDF file for your child.
  • Save the web-based app so that you have the answers at your fingertips 24/7. It works right in the browser of your iPhone, iPad, android device or laptop/desktop. There's no app or software to download. 
  • Follow the prompts and give answers that are respectful of your personal values and beliefs. So that your child knows what behavior is (and isn't) okay in your family and faith. 
  • An overview of healthy child sexual development so that you know what sexual behaviours and curiosity to expect in your child. Which means you know whether to worry (or not).
  • Parent Guide that shows you how to use the scripts and encourages you to start by guiding you past the most common parental objections to sex education, so that you can get started, right away, without any hesitation.
  • and more…

As seen in:

Dr Madalena Grobbelaar

Clinical Psychologist and Psychosexual Therapist | Lecturer in Counselling & Psychotherapy, ECU, Women Sexuality Australia

Cath’s extensive experience in the field of sex education, her informal and ‘user friendly’ style of presenting material and her own parenting knowledge has been consolidated under this platform. In it she delivers to parents a scripted, fun, engaging and appropriate manner to talk to kids about sex that strengthens relationships. It will enhance confidence both in kids and parents and contribute to sex-wise families.


Surfer and mother of a 12, 10 & 6  year old

I found Sex Ed Quickies super easy to navigate, especially as you took us through it with your opening video. I found plenty of information on all sorts of topics. Extremely comprehensive on each topic, I didn’t find I needed to search anywhere else. Definitely a ‘one stop shop’.

I didn’t realise that kids would have even heard about some of the topics that were covered so it was good to go through them all before they had a chance to ask me. I learnt plenty of new stuff too!

As I was looking at the 12 year old scripts, I realised that my own child wasn’t ready to hear about many of the topics but I was able to go back to a younger age group – the 10’s and 11’s – to find answers that felt more suitable.

Sex Ed Quickies gave me confidence in understanding the content to answer questions in a no fuss way, especially as we are entering the age of puberty. Now I feel that I’m on the right track and if I get stuck I can delay answering until I check out Sex Ed Quickies.

With Sex Ed Quickies, you will have quick, easy age-appropriate answers to your kid’s sex questions.


  • Answering your child’s sex questions with less cringe and more confidence.
  • Trusting yourself, so you won’t say the wrong thing, say too much or speak too soon!
  • Being unfazed with tricky questions like ‘How do two women have sex’, or ‘Why does my penis go hard’.
  • Providing your child with age-appropriate information that satisfies their curiosity, that they understand, and that they are ready for.
  • Having the peace of mind that if your child can talk to you about sex that they then know that they can speak to you about anything (and I mean… anything).
  • Empowering your child by helping them to make the right sexual decisions throughout their life.

How Sex Ed Quickies is different from other sex education resources out there…

Sex Ed Quickies gives you age-specific answers instead of generalised answers.

Most other resources sort the answers into age-groups eg 5 to 8 years old. And as you would well imagine, what you would say to an 8 year old is very different to what you would say to a 3 year old.

Quickies is different, as the scripts for each age group are based on healthy child sexual development as well as the latest peer-reviewed research and evidence-based practice. Plus a good dose of common sense!

Sex Ed Quickies gives you age-appropriate answers to inappropriate topics.

Quickies doesn’t just give you scripts on the usual things that kids are curious about. It also gives you answers to all the other stuff that kids hear (thanks to the oversexualised world that we live in). It shows you how to explain stuff that most kid’s don’t need to know about (like oral sex), in a way that makes sense as well as satisfies their curiosity (without sparking it).

Sex Ed Quickies comes with a web-based app which means you can access it on the go, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You print out the scripts that are relevant, or just access the app when needed.

But best of all, Sex Ed Quickies gives you hope in an oversexualised world. Instead of being overwhelmed by the negative messages about sex that kids are constantly bombarded with, it encourages you to use them to your advantage. By turning them into a conversation that protects and empowers your child (instead of harming them).

If you’re ready to start answering your child’s questions then click the button below to get your copy.

Grab Quickies for only $39 USD or $47 AUD today

These scripts are the perfect resource for answering questions or starting conversations

Some questions that you might be thinking…

So what exactly is Sex Ed Quickies?

How does the app work?

Is Sex Ed Quickies 'right' for me?

But what if I am Catholic or LDS or Muslim or…?

But what if I believe in abstinence?

But it is just too embarrassing!

Are my kids too young?

What if I say too much?

What if my child repeats what I have said?

Won’t I sound awkward?

Haven’t I left it a bit late?

If I talk to my kids about sex, aren’t I just giving them permission to be sexual?

Are you ready to start talking to your child about sex? Before someone else does it for you?

Buy Sex Ed Quickies and start talking to your child about sex NOW before someone else does it for you!

Grab the scripts for only $39 USD

At only $39, these scripts are the perfect resource for answering questions or starting conversations

Knowing what to say to your kids about sex, doesn’t have to be ‘too hard‘.

The biggest barrier to talking to your kids about sex, is knowing what to say, how to say it and when to say it.

Sex Ed Quickies is the perfect solution as it provides you with age appropriate scripts that you can use with your own kids, regardless of their age.

photo of cath hakanson

Cath Hakanson

Cath Hakanson has been talking to clients about sex for the past 25 years as a nurse, midwife, sex therapist, researcher, author and educator. She’s spent the past 15 years trying to unravel why parents (herself included) struggle with sex education. Her solution was to create Sex Ed Rescue, an online resource for parents looking for a better way to talk about sex so they can empower their child to make smart sexual decisions. 

Cath has lived all over Australia but currently lives in Perth with her partner, 2 children, and ever-growing menagerie of pets. Despite having an unusual profession, she bakes, sews, and knits for sanity, collects sexual trivia, and tries really hard not to embarrass her children in public. Well, most of the time anyway!​​​​