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What's inside Girl Puberty and Boy Puberty

  • 104 page paperback, PDF or ebook that is based on the latest peer-reviewed research and evidence-based practice.

  • Information you can trust by an internationally-recognised expert and health professional with over 25 years of clinical expertise.

  • Understand what puberty means for your child so you are fully prepared to answer their questions.

  • Realise the importance of discussing puberty before it starts so your child isn’t surprised, confused or frightened.

  • Know the evolving changes that happen during puberty, and when they are likely to happen, so you can confidently identify them and prepare your child for what comes next.

  • Create crucial talking points you can use with your child before they get misinformation from somewhere else, so you know the right information to share at the right time.

  • Develop basic tools to help you easily talk to your child, even if they are reluctant to talk about puberty.


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