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3 girls looking at camera

3 signs your daughter is about to start her period

Recognise the signs for your daughter’s first period so that she is prepared for her big day! What are the first signs your daughter is about to start her period? Find out what signs to look out

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covers of puberty books

Some of the best puberty books for children

WARNING! This is a really big list of puberty books and it is rapidly growing! So to ensure you don't reach overwhelm, you can either look at all of the puberty books listed below or you can look

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covers of books about growing up for children

Some of the Best Books about Growing Up for Children

This is a list of books about growing up for children, that will help parents to prepare their child for all the social or friendship things that happen with growing up.This booklist is a little different

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3 boys walking down a street

How to start explaining periods to your son

A common question that I’m asked by parents is about how to start explaining periods to your son. They may be unsure about whether their son needs to know about periods, what to tell him and how

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mother and daughter before her first period

When will I start my first period? Quiz for girls

The ‘When will I start my first period?’ Quiz helps tween girls work out when to expect their first period so that they can be prepared for the big day. Waiting for your first period can feel

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period bag examples of it filled with period supplies

The best period bag for tween girls

A period bag is something that every tween girl should have. Preferably before they have their first period. But what sort of bag do you get? What do you put inside it and how do you get your tween to

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screenshot from Norwegian sex education show

Norwegian sex education show for tweens

Have you ever heard of the Norwegian sex education show? Norwegian public broadcaster NRK created a special puberty series on ‘Newton’, its popular science program for kids aged 8 to 12 years

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hormones word

Why does puberty happen? (It’s all about hormones)

Have you ever been asked by your child ‘why does puberty happen‘?  Well, it all has to do with hormones. So how do you go about explaining hormones to your child, without getting all confused

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period positive bathroom

Do you live in a period positive house?

My 12 year old daughter had a wonderful idea about how we could make our home period positive. It was such a good idea that I casually mentioned it in my weekly newsletter. And I was surprised by how many

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bee on flower for spring fever sex education

Spring Fever sex education videos for tweens and early teens

Youtube is one of those places where you often find videos that can surprise you. But occasionally it can be a pleasant surprise! Like when I accidentally discovered these videos from the Spring Fever

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