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Why does puberty happen? (A child-friendly explanation)

Inside: So why does puberty happen? It is all to do with hormones and here's a child-friendly way to explain it to your child.Have you ever been asked by your child 'why does puberty happen'?  Well,

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Puberty facts: 10 things that your child needs to know about puberty

Inside: Here are 10 puberty facts that will help your son or daughter to thrive (and not just survive) puberty.Here are 10 puberty facts that all kids need to know about.Puberty can be a scary time for

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10 puberty books

10 puberty books your kids will actually enjoy

Inside: 10 puberty books that will help you to prepare your child for the changes that will soon be coming their way. UPDATED August 2019.10 puberty books (that even you will enjoy!)One of the most natural

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A child-friendly way to explain puberty for kids

Inside: A parent guide for explaining puberty for kids ie what your child needs to know, why they need to know it and by when. You're not alone if the thought of puberty for kids is something that makes

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