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Sex Education Programs

If you are trying to find someone who provides sex education programs, workshops, seminars or courses in your local area, then you are in the right place.

Here you'll find a list of sex education programs that are provided from all around the world. Some of these sex education programs are provided by individuals, small businesses, Not-for profit organisations or Government agencies.

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For your convenience and information, Sex Ed Rescue has prepared the below directory of workshop providers, to assist you in finding a provider in your local area. The directory is strictly for informational purposes. Sex Ed Rescue does not intend the list to be an endorsement or advertisement for any of the named providers. We are not in any way affiliated with any party included in the directory. As far as we are aware, and to the best of our knowledge, all parties listed are legitimate businesses and good workshop providers. However, Sex Ed Rescue does not work personally with, nor do we closely investigate any of these workshop providers. We have not tested them for authenticity or accuracy of information. We only intend them as a general source of information and to give our website visitors and clientele a broader range of workshop options. Please always use your own discretion and do your due diligence if and when you chose to work with one or more of these providers. By selecting and seeking out the services of any of the providers below you are acknowledging that you have read and understood this disclaimer and you agree that you will not hold Sex Ed Rescue responsible or liable for any loss, harm or damage that may come as a result of utilising one of these providers. You remain at all times responsible for your use of any of these parties.

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Amazing Me
Amazing Me provides day and evening sex education programs for primary students, parents/carers and educators.

Location: Sydney, NSW
Travel: Willing to travel nationally.
Contact: Rowena Thomas
Phone: +61405534468
Email: [email protected]

Birds and Bees Pty Ltd
Counselling, Education and consulting for children, young people and people with a disability regarding sexuality and relationships.
Registered with NDIS and Office of the Children's Guardian.

Location: Alstonville, NSW
Travel: Willing to travel statewide.
Contact: Jodi Rodgers
Phone: 0422 371 331
Email:[email protected]

Family Planning NSW
Information sessions for parents and carers of children and young people with with intellectual disability. Topics include preparing for puberty changes, decision making and safety, public and private, sexuality and disability, tips for talking about sex and answering tricky questions, useful resources. Sessions for parents of mainstream primary & secondary students also available in the Nepean-Blue Mountains region.

Location: Sydney, NSW
Travel: Will travel statewide
Contact: Health Promotion team
Phone: (02) 8752 4300
Email: [email protected]


I work with people who have intellectual or cognitive disabilities, including people with autism. I support people with the capacity to consent to relationships. I provide guidance about safeguarding those that don't have capacity. I deal with the grey area in between.
I offer individual and couples sessions, consultancy, parent and staff training. I can also offer bespoke group sessions for people with disabilities around relationships, keeping safe, pleasure and many other topics.

Location: Brisbane, QLD
Travel: Will travel statewide
Contact: Dr Natasha Alexander
Phone: 0406001166
Email: [email protected]


Kidz Biz Education
Kidz Biz Education develops and delivers a number of fun and exciting personal and social development educational classroom workshops for both primary and secondary students ranging from years 4 to 9 (ages 8 – 15).
Our very popular Family Evening workshops are also on offer to students from year Reception to year 7 and their families.
Designed to educate, prevent and promote personal and social development health and well-being among young people, they provide the positive stimulus to develop the skills and knowledge and to explore values and attitudes so that students can address the myriad of issues that confronts them daily. We run a variety of personal & social development education programs( including sex education) for school students as well as parent workshops.

Location: Adelaide, SA
Travel: Will travel regionally.
Contact: Wendy Hill
Phone: 0416 193 687
Email: [email protected]


Chalice Foundation
Positive menstrual education.

Location: Bendigo, VIC
Travel: We have educators throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and other European and American countries.
Contact: Jane Bennett
Email: [email protected]

HUSHeducation facilitate student, staff, family and parent sessions covering Protective Behaviours and Body Safety (from age 3) as well as all things 'sex ed'. We teach about puberty, respectful relationships, safer sex and the problems with porn, and much, much more.

Location: Melbbourne, VIC
Travel: Will travel throughout Australia.
Contact: Margie Buttriss
Email: [email protected]

Relate - Merri Health
Relate is a fun, interactive group program for people with an intellectual disability / autism to learn about puberty, healthy relationships and sexuality.

Location: Melbourne, VIC
Travel: Will travel locally.
Contact: Melanie Guiney
Phone: 03 93559978
Email: [email protected]

SEA Programs
Accurate, age-appropriate sexuality and relationships education in primary and secondary schools and at university level.

Location: Melbourne, VIC
Travel: Will travel Statewide.
Contact: Justine Kiely-Scott & Jenny Ackland
Phone: 03 90299681
Email: [email protected]

Step into Living
​We help families and young people feel more confident in their bodies and themselves in their journey through puberty and beyond.

We offer parent/community information sessions and four to six week programs with students in the classroom with their regular teacher, giving them opportunity to absorb new information, establish ways of talking about sexuality and allowing time for reflection, anonymous questions and realizations.

You can teach the biology in a single session, but it's not enough! We engage young people through our multiple session delivery, to support them developing a positive and practical approach to maturing into confident young adults.

About Janoel Liddy and Robin Darch

Robin works in primary and secondary teaching. In his role, he has seen the gap that occurs when a school doesn't provide a comprehensive and positive sexuality education program. From his very first teaching placement, he has enjoyed providing students with a chance to be informed and feel positive about their bodies and sexuality.

Janoel provides rite of passage workshops and retreats; she is an accredited Celebration Day for Girls workshop facilitator, and is also an international trainer of new facilitators. She also the coodinates mother-daughter coming of age retreats held in Bali in July each year. It's a delight for her to see young people shine after they develop greater awareness and confidence.

Location: Melbourne, VIC
Travel: Will travel throughout ​Internationally
Contact: ​Janoel Liddy
Phone: ​+61 408664919
Email:[email protected]

Talking The Talk Sex and Health Education
Contemporary, researched based Sexuality Education for Parents, Teachers, Students and Health Professionals. A positive and honest approach based on 24 years experience as a Sexual Health Nurse and 15 as an Educator.

Location: Melbourne, VIC
Travel: Will travel throughout Australia.
Contact: Vanessa Hamilton
Phone: 0410487142
Email: [email protected]

The Connection Program
I run workshops on how to Talk to Your Kids About Sex as well as pleasure based sex education to high school students. I also offer one on one sessions with parents around children's behaviour, in regards to the whole family dynamic and their own relationship to sexuality.

Location: Melbourne, VIC
Travel: Will travel throughout Victoria.
Contact: Lael Stone
Phone: 0411 660 884
Email: [email protected]


Busselton Holistic Health
Kindelle is a Naturopath with 18 years experience. Her area of focus is women's health, natural fertility and reproductive care. Kindelle has received training from Jane Bennett to be a facilitator of the Celebration Day for Girls - a one day workshop for girls aged 10-13 years and mothers.

Location: Busselton, WA
Travel: Will travel locally.
Contact: Kindelle Pillonel
Phone: 0424786759
Email: [email protected]

Curtin RSE Project

Curtin University provides an extensive range of training programs in relation to school-based relationships and sexuality education (RSE).
We offer training for pre-service and in-service teachers, and strive to provide all our attendees with ongoing support. Our programs are also suitable for school administrators and community health nurses who work in schools.
We have varied backgrounds as teachers, educators, sexologists, researchers and health promotion officers ... the list goes on!
All our programs are generously funded by the WA Department of Health, Sexual Health & Blood-borne Virus Program.

Location: Perth, WA
Travel: Within WA.
Email: [email protected]
Website: Curtin RSE Project

Horses Healing Humans
Psychosensory Practitioner - meaning I offer tailored individualised sessions and group workshops to clients. Focusing on their needs or specific topics, from many modalities. I have qualifications in Sexual Health, Counselling, Equine Psychotherapy, Child and Family Health plus other related holistic care areas.

Location: Harvey, WA
Travel: Willing to travel if group is interested.
Contact: Nikki Johnston
Phone: 0400 503690
Email: [email protected]

Red Ginger Services

Location: Perth, WA
Travel: Will travel nationally and internationally.
Contact: Christina Self
Phone: 0407420068
Email: [email protected]

All things sexuality and disability is what our organisation does! Our workshops are for parents/teachers/support workers, not for young people with disabilities. Workshop topics include Sexuality and Disability, Relationships Education, Boundary Setting and Protective Behaviours and Supporting Puberty and Adolescence. All one day workshops that can be held in house in West Perth or come to businesses/organisations throughout Western Australia.

Location: Perth, WA
Travel: Will travel statewide.
Contact: Maria Barnett
Phone: 08 9420 7226
Email: [email protected]