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flag for the british the sex education show

TV shows about sex education (that british show)

There are many tv shows about sex education and The Sex Education Show, is probably the most well-known one. The Sex Education Show is a British sex education television show. It is presented by a Journalist,

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screenshot from Norwegian sex education show

Norwegian sex education show for tweens

Have you ever heard of the Norwegian sex education show? Norwegian public broadcaster NRK created a special puberty series on ‘Newton’, its popular science program for kids aged 8 to 12 years

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children who are the right age to talk about birds and bees

Parent Quiz: Is your child the right age to talk about birds and bees?

Have you ever wondered if your child is the right age to talk about birds and bees?You're not alone if you have wondered! I know that I have! And I'm supposed to be the expert! And many parents have

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parents shocked with their child's sexual development

Child Sexual Development (How kids develop sexually)

Sexual development sounds like something that shouldn't happen until puberty, but it actually starts from the very beginning.Remember when you had your first child and every couple of months (or weeks),

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man in kilt for outlander sex education

Outlander sex education (wonderful examples of what sex education looks like)

Have you read the books by Diana Gabaldon? The Outlander series? If you haven’t, then you should because they provide some wonderful examples of Outlander sex education. Now, by sex education,

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kids playing

Sex education in the home

The times have changed, and how we do sex education in the home, is very different to what our parents did with us, when we were kids. Back then, sex education in the home was usually one awkward talk

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father laughing about most common mistakes made by parents

The most common mistakes made by parents (in regards to sex education)

Are you making some of the  most common mistakes made by parents, in regards to talking with your kids about love, sex and relationships? Find out what the most common mistakes are, and how to not make

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bee on flower for spring fever sex education

Spring Fever sex education videos for tweens and early teens

Youtube is one of those places where you often find videos that can surprise you. But occasionally it can be a pleasant surprise! Like when I accidentally discovered these videos from the Spring Fever

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mother explaining the facts of life to children

How to start explaining the facts of life to young children

Explaining the facts of life As a parent, most of us know that at some stage, that we’ll need to start explaining the facts of life to our kids. But when do we start, and what do we tell them? This

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boy looking forward to How to talk to kids about sex

How to talk to kids about sex (from the very beginning)

You’re not alone if you’re unsure about how to talk to kids about sex. I know that I was, when I first started to think about sex education. My daughter was about 2 and a half/maybe 3 and she was starting

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