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parents caught when your child walks in on you

Parent tips on what to do when your child walks in on you having sex

Finding time to have sex can be difficult, once kids come along. So when it does happen, you usually want to make sure that you enjoy it. But that can difficult, especially if you are living in fear of

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How to explain sex to kids parent and teen

How to explain sex to kids (without dying of embarrassment)

  Okay, before I even start talking about how to explain sex to kids, I want to share something with you. I have professionally (and personally!) been talking about sex with people for nearly 25 years.

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Where do babies come from pregnant woman

Where do babies come from? Tips on how to start explaining

‘Where do babies come from?’ is one of those questions that most parents will be asked at some time and place. If you’re lucky, you won’t be asked whilst you’re lined up in a busy queue,

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