Quick, easy, age-appropriate scripts that tell you exactly how to talk to your child about sex with less cringe and more confidence

So that you never have to fumble to find the right words whilst squirming like a worm caught under a microscope

… or worry about telling your child things that they just aren’t ready to hear yet so that your kids stay KIDS yet know how to keep themselves safe

Hi there! I’m Cath.

Hi, I’m Cath Hakanson and when gifts were being handed out by the 3 fairies (you know, the ones from Sleeping Beauty), I was given the gift of being able to comfortably talk about sex.

I have a string of qualifications longer than your arm, over 23 years of clinical expertise under my well-worn belt, and have helped thousands of people along the way.

When it comes to sex education, I’ve worn many hats: nurse, clinician, educator, counsellor, therapist, consultant, researcher, author and parent.

My friends call me a sexpert, but to my kids, I am just a mum who talks about sex.

Yes, I do talk about sex a lot, but in ways that strengthen relationships between parents and their children. I love helping other mothers and fathers feel comfortable about having these conversations with their kids too.

I’ve spent the last 10 years getting up close and personal with the stuff that gets in the way of parents talking to their kids about sex.

Bottomline… I help parents have the kind of relationships with their kids they really want to have.

Relationships that are safe, shame-free, secure and special.

Quick, easy, age-appropriate answers to your kid’s sex questions

Less cringe. More confidence.

(and a lot more trust)

Sex Ed Quickies is an online membership (not a subscription site), and works right in the browser of your iPhone, iPad, android or laptop/desktop. There’s no app or software to download.

What’s Included?

Word-for-Word Scripts

Never be at a loss for words. This ready-to-use, instantly accessible script bundle provides the exact wording to use when talking to your child about sex (without telling them more than they are ready for).

You get 500+ scripts to talk to kids between the ages of 3-14 about: how babies are made, sexual intercourse, body parts, puberty, relationships, pregnancy, birth, masturbation, sexual diversity, gender, pornography and much more. And if they ask a question that isn’t already in there, just let me know and I’ll add it!

Sex Ed Quickies Guide

Make sure you get started. This Guide shows you how to use the scripts and encourages you to start by guiding you past the most common parental objections to sex education, so that you can get started, right away, without any hesitation.

BONUS: Script Audio Recording

Hear the scripts in action. Listen to the different ways that you can use the scripts so that you can talk with more confidence (and less cringe).

BONUS: Book List

Find out which books will help you to talk to your child. Books that you (and your child) will enjoy reading, that are educational and accurate!

BONUS: Facebook Group

Have questions along the way? Want to learn some new tips and tricks? Get access to an intimate, safe and private Facebook group for additional support.

Learn how to talk about sex with your child NOW before someone else does it for you!

With Sex Ed Quickies, you will have quick, easy age-appropriate answers to your kid’s sex questions.


  • Answering your child’s sex questions with less cringe and more confidence.
  • Trusting yourself, so you won’t say the wrong thing, say too much or speak too soon!
  • Being unfazed with tricky questions like ‘How do two women have sex’, or ‘Why does my penis go hard’.
  • Providing your child with age-appropriate information that satisfies their curiosity, that they understand, and that they are ready for.
  • Having the peace of mind that if your child can talk to you about sex that they then know that they can speak to you about anything (and I mean… anything).
  • Empowering your child by helping them to make the right sexual decisions throughout their life.

Be the parent who is empowering their children to make good decisions about sex (and not follow the Kardashians’ example).

Get Sex Ed Quickies now!

49 USD: Scripts + Guide + BONUS Audios + Book List + FaceBook Group

I’m ready – I want to talk to my kids about sex!

Some questions that you might be thinking

Q. So what exactly is Sex Ed Quickies?

A. Sex Ed Quickies are word-for-word scripts that parents can use to talk to their kids about sex in an age-appropriate way. It comes with the scripts, a Guide and audios of the scripts being used as well as a Facebook support group. It is for busy parents who just want to get started with sex education, that is, they want to know what they can say to their kids WITHOUT giving them too much information for their age.

The scripts are written for children between the ages of 3-14.

You can watch this video on Youtube for a guided tour through Sex Ed Quickies.

Sex Ed Quickies has ‘quickie’ in its name for a reason. It is designed to be used quickly and to not require any planning (other than reading the Guide before you start). It is designed to be used when your child asks you a question or when you want to talk to your child about a particular topic.

When you purchase, Sex Ed Quickies, you will gain immediate access.

You will receive login details to the Sex Ed Quickies website. Once you log in, you can immediately access the scripts and everything else. You can also save the website as a shortcut to your phone, which means it will be accessible when you are out and about (as long as you have internet access).

You will have lifetime access to Sex Ed Quickies. That means that you will also have access to all the updated versions too.



Q. So is Sex Ed Quickies an app or a book?

A. Sex Ed Quickies is a website that works like an app. So it isn’t a book (mainly because I keep on updating it as parents send me in new questions that need answering). Plus, the whole idea is that it is always with you. So that you can look at it anywhere and a anytime – like when you are sitting by the side of pool waiting for the kid’s swimming lesson to finish!

So, this is how it works.

You open up the website on your device, save it to your Home Screen, and it will appear as this icon,   , on your device.

When you need to use Sex Ed Quickies, you just click the icon, and you will be taken straight there.

It is as simple as that!

This is what it looks like on my android phone

This what it looks like when I use it on my phone.


Q. Is Sex Ed Quickies 'right' for me?

A. Sex Ed Quickies is for busy parents who just want to get started with sex education, that is, parents who want to know what they can say to their kids WITHOUT giving them too much information for their age. It is for straight talking parents who want to provide their kids with accurate information that their kids will understand. Who also want their kids to come to them with their questions (and not the internet or the schoolyard). Who are concerned about the impact of negative sexualised messages on their children.

If you believe that kids shouldn’t know words like vulva, penis or sex, then Sex Ed Quickies isn’t for you. Sex Ed Quickies is very direct and talks about sex in a way that children can understand and not misinterpret. It helps you to talk about the stuff that kids are curious about so that you can satisfy their curiosity (instead of igniting it).



Q. But what if I believe in abstinence?

A. Sex Ed Quickies will help you sharing your beliefs about sexual activity with your kids – regardless of what you believe in. If you want to have any influence on what your kids eventually do about sex (e.g. wait for marriage), then you need to start planting the seeds of what you believe in early for it to have any effect! And, inside Sex Ed Quickies, I tell you how to talk to your child about abstinence.

Also, there is a difference between abstinence and ignorance. If you want your kids to abstain from sex, you will have much better success if they are empowered with accurate knowledge and if they have an open relationship with their parents.



Q. But what if I am Catholic or Jewish or Muslim or…?

A. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are as Sex Ed Quickies just provides you with the facts. It doesn’t tell you what values you should be sharing with your kids. It is up to you to tell your child what behaviours and attitudes are okay and not okay. And don’t worry, Sex Ed Quickies will help you to work out what values you want to share with your kids, so that your kids know what attitudes and behaviours are okay and not okay in your family.



Q. But it is just too embarrassing!

A. Yep, I agree! I still feel embarrassment at times, when my kids ask me certain questions about sex. But the more that you talk, the easier it gets! Sex Ed Quickies includes some ideas on how to get past the embarrassment of talking about sex with kids.






Q. Are my kids too young?

A. Sex Ed Quickies is written for children aged 3 and over, and is broken down into each age. So the information will be age-appropriate. And remember, we don’t just start talking to kids about sex. We break it down into simple concepts that they can understand and we talk about things that they are already interested in. For example, when your 4 year old asks where they come from, they just want to know that they came from inside your tummy (or uterus). They don’t want to know about penises going into vaginas – that is way too complicated for their little brains!

Also, in the modern world of today, kids will hear a lot of sexual stuff that they just aren’t ready for. Sex Ed Quickies will show you how to talk about inappropriate stuff in an age-appropriate way!



Q. What if I say too much?

A. Sex Ed Quickies will give you just the right amount of information for your child. It even provides you with extra information, in case your child wants to know more!



Q. What if my child repeats what I have said?

A. That can happen but Sex Ed Quickies will tell you what to do so that you can prevent this from happening.



Q. Won’t I sound awkward?

A. Not to your kids, you won’t! The first conversation is always the hardest but Sex Ed Quickies provides tips on how to sound more natural.






Q. What if my child doesn’t ask questions?

A. Some kids don’t ask questions, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested. It just means that you have to find different ways to start conversations. You will find some suggestions on how to start conversations inside Sex Ed Quickies.






Q. Haven’t I left it a bit late?

A. Possibly, but it just means that it is even more important than ever that you start talking now with your child now. Sex Ed Quickies will show you how to make amends and catch up!






Q. If I talk to my kids about sex, aren’t I just giving them permission to be sexual?

A. No, research tells us that it has the opposite effect. Kids that have had quality sex education are more likely to delay having sex, and when they do have sex, they are less likely to fall pregnant or catch an infection.






Q. What if I can’t find the right answer?

A. If your child asks you a question about sex that isn’t already in there, you can either let me know or ask it in the Facebook group for an answer.

Sex Ed Quickies is pretty comprehensive but it doesn’t cover every sex-related questions. If your question is relevant, your answer will also be added to the Sex Ed Quickies database of scripts. Which means that Sex Ed Quickies can only keep on getting better!


Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. No, I don’t offer refunds. Look, I totally believe in this product and I know that the scripts work. I’m a leader in my field and am well known. Plus my standards are pretty high and there is no way that I would put out a product that my peers would criticise or ridicule.

Also, Sex Ed Quickies is based on the current recommendations for sexuality education which is based on some pretty sound research and anecdotal evidence.

But, if for any reason you’re not happy with Sex Ed Quickies, simply email me at cath(at) sexedrescue.com and we can talk.



Q. So why is this priced in USD?

A. Sex Ed Quickies is priced in USD because more than half of the people who visit my site are from America. And even though I’m an aussie, the rule of thumb, is to price in the currency of the larger audience!

But when you open up the Paypal cart, it will automatically tell you what the conversion rate is. Or you can find the conversion here.

So if your an aussie, please don’t let the currency put you off from buying Sex Ed Quickies!

Q. What if I have a question you didn’t answer?

A. Please email me at cath (at) sexedrescue.com and I will get your answer back to you!






Here’s what people have to say about Sex Ed Quickies and me…

I highly recommend Cath to any parent or professional who is seeking ways and support to talk to their children about sex and sexual health issues. Her energetic “no hassles” style, self-assured presence and comprehensive knowledge make her a consummate educator.

Matt Tilley

Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer, Department of Sexology, School of Public Health, Curtin University.

I found Sex Ed Quickies super easy to navigate, especially as you took us through it with your opening video. I found plenty of information on all sorts of topics. Extremely comprehensive on each topic, I didn’t find I needed to search anywhere else. Definitely a ‘one stop shop’.

I didn’t realise that kids would have even heard about some of the topics that were covered so it was good to go through them all before they had a chance to ask me. I learnt plenty of new stuff too!

As I was looking at the 12 year old boy section, I realised that my own child may not have been ready to hear about many of the topics but I was able to go to a younger age group – the 10’s and 11’s – to find the information that was more applicable to my own child.

Sex Ed Quickies gave me confidence in understanding the content to answer questions in a no fuss way, especially as we are entering the age of puberty. Now I feel that I’m on the right track and if I get stuck I can delay answering until I check out Sex Ed Quickies.


Surfer and mother of a 12, 10 & 6 year old

Cath has created the ideal online resource for busy parents. Talking about sexuality and relationships can be tricky for parents – many parents would rather clean the oven, weed the garden or de-flea the dog, than talk openly and honestly about sex! Cath brings her vast experience and sense of humour to this vital forum. Congratulations.

Dr Lorel Mayberry

Sexologist and Consultant in Sexuality and Relationship Education, Department of Sexology, School of Public Health, Curtin University l President - Borderless Friendship WA Inc

Cath’s extensive experience in the field of sex education, her informal and ‘user friendly’ style of presenting material and her own parenting knowledge has been consolidated under this platform. In it she delivers to parents a scripted, fun, engaging and appropriate manner to talk to kids about sex that strengthens relationships. It will enhance confidence both in kids and parents and contribute to sex-wise families.

Dr Madalena Grobbelaar

Clinical Psychologist and Psychosexual Therapist | Lecturer in Counselling & Psychotherapy, ECU, Women Sexuality Australia

I’ve always considered myself to have good communication skills when it comes to talking with my kids about sex, the old talk soon talk often.  But I love the way that Cath is able to use anecdotes that are very insightful and make absolute sense, like the article about when kids walk in on you when you’re having sex – it’s those actionable take-aways that I can apply immediately.  It has the added bonus of being a good read that engages my husband, which opens up our own dialogue around how we talk to our kids about sex, and other stuff.  Thanks Cath for your wise council, good humour and support.

Amanda Halfpenny

Mother of 2 | Director, Connect Case Management

SO, do you want to know what you should be saying to your child about sex and how to say it?

Sex Ed Quickies


  • Access to the Scripts so that you know what to say when your child asks you a question about sex
  • Access to the Sex Ed Quickie Guide so that you know how to get started.
  • Save the scripts to your phone so that you can access them anywhere and anytime!
  • Lifetime access so that you can keep using Sex Ed Quickies until your kids leave home!
  • BONUS: Scripts Audio Recording so that you listen to the different ways that the scripts can be used.
  • BONUS: Book List so that you can rely on a book (and not your memory) for the information that your child needs to know!
  • BONUS: Facebook Group so that you can ask your questions and get more comfortable with sex education.

Buy now and start talking to your child about sex NOW before someone else does it for you!

Knowing what to say to your kids about sex, doesn’t have to be ‘too hard‘.


The biggest barrier to talking to your kids about sex, is knowing what to say, how to say it and when to say it.


Sex Ed Quickies is the perfect solution as it provides you with age appropriate scripts that you can use with your own kids.