sexual development

Child sexual development

Sexual development is something that all children do from a young age. 

Remember when you had your first child and every couple of months, you took them to an appointment with  a Child Health Nurse or a Paediatrician for a check up?  Well, just like your child was supposed to meet certain development  milestones that were physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language; your child also develops sexually. 

Below you will find a series of sexual development blogposts that will explain why your child may do something  sexual and how to respond. Each post also has a short video.

My sex education resources page has a section which includes all my favourite parents resources on child sexual development

This list is growing! I have a lot of articles planned on child sexual behaviour for 2018, mainly because my youngest child is nearly 9 and I need to get these articles written before I forget what it is like to live with a kid who sometimes pushes my buttons with their sexual behaviour!