Explaining Sex to Kids

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Everything that you need to know about sex education so that you can start talking to your child more comfortably and naturally than ever before.

1 1/2 hour online course with PDF containing simple suitable explanations about sex for children aged from 3-14.


Have you ever wondered where to start when it comes to explaining sex to your child?

Do you need help, but don’t know where to look?

Now, you can find all the solutions to this perplexing and age-old problem with Explaining Sex – Where Do I Start?

Inside this 1  1/2  hour online course, we have put together a comprehensive package of information and skills for you to develop when it comes to speaking to your child about sex, including subjects:

  • Learning what sex education is
  • Why you should talk to your child about sex before someone else does
  • Dealing with the 5 most common blocks that stop parents from talking to their kids about sex
  • The essentials of sex education
  • Tools to help you talk to them in a more natural way

Includes a copy of Sexplained: Simple, Suitable Explanations for Children about SexSexplained is a 31 page PDF that willl give you age-appropriate simple explanations on where babies come from, how they get there in the first place, sexual intercourse and the other ways that babies can be made (IVF, sperm/egg donation).

Having that conversation about sex is every parents dread. It can be awkward and confusing for children and you as well, so it pays to be as well prepared as possible.

Explaining Sex – Where Do I Start gives you that head start and the self-assurance you’ll need when it comes to tackling explanations about sex.

Get access today and be ready for any eventuality!


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