Getting Ready for Puberty: Boys

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Get ready to start talking to  8 to 12 year old boys about puberty.

Includes a free PDF copy of Boy Puberty.


Do you have a son that is approaching the age of puberty?

Do you need help to explain what these changes will mean to him and his developing body?

It’s all contained within this online course, Getting Ready for Puberty – Boys, where you will get ready to start talking to 8-12 year old boys about puberty.

Inside this 2 hour online course, you will find dozens of helpful hints, great tips and useful advice which will help you to broach the subject and explain it fully, including:

  • Understanding what puberty means
  • Preparing your child for what is about to happen
  • Allaying fears and concerns
  • Developing basic tools for discussing the issues
  • How to create talking points
  • And more…

Getting Ready for Puberty is the ideal course for any parent who is concerned about raising this tricky subject.

It gives pertinent and useful advice which is proven to work and which offers the best solutions, no matter how difficult it may seem, easing you and your son through one of life’s most difficult stages.

Get instant access and start having honest conversations that will guide your son through puberty, and strengthen your relationship without feeling embarrassed, awkward or nervous.

Includes a free PDF copy of Boy Puberty.


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