Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

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Learn how to protect your child from sexual abuse.

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Sexual abuse seems to be everywhere. In today’s modern world, children can be at risk from every part of their lives, whether it is from traditional methods of abuse or from grooming through online forums.

It is up to YOU, as a parent, to help protect your child and with this online course you can learn how to empower your kids with the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves from sexual abuse. It will provide you with easy to follow strategies on how you can help keep your children safe from child abuse.

There are many ways to protect your child from the dangers they may become exposed to, including:

  • Making sure they know about consent and inappropriate touching
  • Explaining the names and meaning of their feelings
  • Helping them to recognise the body’s early warning signs
  • The difference between ‘telling’ and ‘dobbing’
  • How to listen to your child
  • The difference between good and bad secrets
  • And lots more…

Child abuse is a frightening thought for most parents, but it isn’t all doom and gloom. You have the power to help your child to understand and recognise the dangers and have the tools, with this training, to prevent them becoming a victim.

NB This is an affiliate link for a Safe4Kids product. I have taken this online course myself and practice what the presenter preaches with my own children. So I recommend it because it is a great course and it helps parents to get started with protective education ie empowering your kids with the knowledge and skills to stay safe. 


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