Sex Ed Quickies

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Quick, easy age-appropriate answers to your kid’s sex questions. Click here for a look inside.

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Do you want to be able to answer your child’s questions about sex, no matter what their age is?

Are you looking for quick and easy responses to those awkward moments?

You can find them all in Sex Ed Quickies: Quick, Easy Answers to Your Kid’s Sex Questions, a unique online membership site (with lifelong access) that gives you age-appropriate responses to your child’s sex questions (ages 3 to 14).

With a handy section of answers that depends on the age of your child, all you have to do is look up their age and read about how to answer their questions in a way they will understand, including:

  • How babies are made
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Body parts
  • Puberty
  • Pregnancy
  • Masturbation
  • Gender
  • Pornography
  • And lots more…

Sex Ed Quickies will help you to answer the hard questions in a simple, yet appropriate way.

And with a list of kids books on the subject and a guide that will show you how to use the scripts, you’ll be well prepared and have the confidence to tackle any question.

Get access to Sex Ed Quickies now and prepare yourself for those tough questions about sex.




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