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But before you go, wouldn’t it be nice to have shame-free conversations about private parts.


These popular Anatomically Correct Paperdolls are a fun activity that helps children learn about the human body as they cut, color and play.


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These anatomically correct paperdolls will help you…

Have shame-free conversations with your child that feel natural (instead of awkward)
​Talk about tricky topics like bodies, genitals, biological sex, gender, diversity, equality, consent and more
​Empower and protect your child and keep them safe from inappropriate touch (including sexual abuse)
Equip your child with the vocabulary to talk about their body clearly and in a way that won’t be misunderstood
​Help your child to develop a healthy body image and positive self esteem


10 dolls and 60+ costumes

You’ll receive:

5 unique printable books with children of different cultural backgrounds and ethnicity. Let your child pick the dolls they relate to.
10 super-cute dolls for your child to color in, cut out and dress up however they please! Regardless of their gender (boy, girl or trans) and biological sex (male, female or intersex).
60+ diverse and inclusive costumes to fit all dolls and allow you to start meaningful conversations with your child about gender stereotypes. You’ll also find costumes that include a wheelchair and walking aids.
The opportunity to start shame-free conversations, including the correct anatomical names of their private parts, the difference between male and female bodies, intersex, transgenderism, gender diversity, body safety and more.
Popular parent & child activity that is educational, interactive and fun.
A reusable activity that children can play with, over and over again.
Includes a BONUS printable paper house for more hours of imaginative play and fun!

A family resource you can’t live without…

The perfect activity for shame-free conversations about bodies that include the private parts!

Who am I to be teaching you this?

Cath Hakanson photo

Hi, I’m Cath Hakanson and when gifts were being handed out by the 3 fairies (you know, the ones from Sleeping Beauty), I was given the gift of being able to comfortably talk about sex.

I have a string of qualifications longer than your arm, over 25 years of clinical expertise under my well-worn belt, and have helped thousands of parents along the way.

When it comes to sex education, I’ve worn many hats: nurse, clinician, educator, counsellor, therapist, consultant, researcher, author and parent.

My friends call me a sexpert, but to my kids, I’m just a mum who talks about sex.

Yes, I do talk about sex a lot, but in ways that strengthen relationships between parents and their children. I love helping other parents to feel comfortable about having these conversations with their kids too.

I’ve spent the last 10 years getting up close and personal with the stuff that gets in the way of parents talking to their kids about sex.

Bottomline… I help parents have the kind of relationships with their kids they really want to have.

Relationships that are safe, shame-free, secure and special.


These Anatomically Correct Paperdolls come in both color and black & white for easy printing!

” My daughter liked these a lot and seemed quite interested in them. She really liked the dress up part, and always followed the gender stereotype and picked the girl’s dress for the girl and the boy’s outfit for the boy. I do try and talk about these things with her but the book was brilliant, as it gave me a talking point that felt relaxed and fun.
Also, when she was colouring, it provided us with a nice space to safely chat that was just chilled and happy. With no pressure, so it felt quite free. “

KATY (mother of a 6 & 10 year old)

The easiest way to have conversations that feel less awkward and more natural



Get access to all five books for the price of one


This offer is only available for the next 20 minutes

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