Helping parents to talk more naturally with their kid's about sex, without feeling as awkward or embarrassed.

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Cath Hakanson is a sex educator, nurse, researcher and counsellor who is known to her daughter as 'just a mum who talks about sex' (a lot). When gifts were being handed out by the 3 fairies (you know, the ones from Sleeping Beauty), Cath was given the gift of being able to comfortably talk about sex.

Cath has a string of qualifications longer than your arm, over 23 years of clinical expertise under her well-worn belt, a practical down-to earth approach and has helped thousands of parents to start talking to their kids about sex.

Sex Ed Rescue is a revolution, an online resource and a service for pro-active parents, designed to help parents talk to their kids about sex in ways that make sense and feel natural.

Youtube Channel for Parents

Did you know that I have a Youtube channel for parents who want to get more comfortable with talking to their kids about love, sex, puberty & relationships? So you'll find book reviews, lots of information about sex education and puberty, Q&A and much more! With new content posted each week!


I highly recommend Cath to any parent or professional who is seeking ways and support to talk to their children about sex and sexual health issues. Her energetic “no hassles” style, self-assured presence and comprehensive knowledge make her a consummate educator.

Matt Tilley Clinical Psychologist and Sexology Lecturer, Curtin University.

I’ve always considered myself to have good communication skills when it comes to talking with my kids about sex, the old talk soon talk often. But I love the way that Cath is able to use anecdotes that are very insightful and make absolute sense, like the article about when kids walk in on you when you’re having sex – it’s those actionable takeaways that I can apply immediately. It has the added bonus of being a good read that engages my husband, which opens up our own dialogue around how we talk to our kids about sex, and other stuff. Thanks Cath for your wise counsel, good humour and support.

Amanda Halfpenny Mother of 2 | Director at Connect Case Management

With 3 daughters growing up too quickly, & asking too many tricky questions at inopportune times, I realised that it was time I got some help. Cath from Sex Ed Rescue doesn’t necessarily tell you what to say, but more importantly she tells you how and when to start talking to your kids about sex. Since attending the workshop I have been following Cath’s advice about teachable moments & have found that it is easier to have conversations with my daughter. We still have a long way to go, but the weekly emails jog my memory & provide a great resource for future conversations.

Shannon Meyerkort Chief Editor - Perth Mums Group | Free Perth