Sex Education 101

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the birds & bees talk

Sex Education 101

Do you want to find a better way to talk to your child about love, sex and relationships?

Sex education is a very broad topic. It is a lot more than explaining sex (or the facts of life or the birds and bees) to kids. 

It is about giving our kids the skills to make healthy and informed choices about love, sex and relationships. Which means that there are many possible conversations to have.

So here you’ll find lots of information that will help you to naturally talk to your child about sex, all while respecting your family values. 

This page is divided into sections to help you learn what to talk about, how to talk about it when to talk about it, and why you need to talk about it.  Plus you’ll find blogposts about sex education in general as well as bodies & body parts, and sexual intercourse. Plus you’ll also find a quiz for working out if your child is ready for sex education, a parent guide for explaining sex to kids, a parent resource that is filled with answers to tricky questions kids might ask about sex, an online course to prevent sexual abuse, lots of sex education books for children on a wide range of different topics, sex education videos for both children and parents, and other sex education resources to assist with talking, as well as parent coaching.

I believe that you can talk to your child about sex with LESS cringe and MORE confidence, and empower them to make smart sexual decisions.

And I’m here to show you how!

kids ready to learn about sex education

Is your child ready for sex education?

Find out in just 2 minutes with this short quiz

children looking at camera

Unsure about how to get started? (with sex education)

Sign up for my FREE 5 part course that helps parents get started with sex education

Bodies & body parts

Talk to your child about bodies & body parts

Talking about our bodies with children is an important part of sex education. It is often one of the first conversations that we have, especially when they discover that some parts of the body can be a little different!  

You’ll also find some childrens books that talk about bodiesprivate partsbody safety and masturbation.

cover of lets look at different body parts

Needing to teach your child about the private body parts?

Let’s Look at Different Body Parts (Printable)

Anatomically-correct cartoon images of the whole human body (including the private body parts)

cover of paperdoll friends

Need an activity to help with talking about gender?

Play & Learn: PaperDoll Friends (Paperback / Printable)

Anatomically-correct Paper Dolls for kids to cut & color

cover of paperdoll superheroes

Got a kid who thinks paperdolls are too girlie?

Play & Learn: PaperDoll SuperHeroes (Paperback / Printable)

Anatomically-correct Super Heroes for kids to cut & color

parent looking at ebook how to talk to kids about sex

Needing a simple way to explain sex to your child?

How to Talk to Kids About Sex (Printable)

My tried & tested formula for explaining sexual intercourse in an age-appropriate way

cover of paperdoll families

Need help explaining where babies come from?

Play & learn: PaperDoll Families (Paperback, Printable)

An inclusive activity for explaining where babies come from

parent reading the sex education answer book

Needing to answer tough questions about sex?

The Sex Education Answer Book (Paperback, eBook, PDF & APP)

Quick, easy, age- specific scripts that tell you exactly how to talk about sex with kids

Sex education books

Books that will help with talking to kids about love, sex, relationships & growing up

Books are an invaluable resource for sex education as they provide kids with accurate and age-appropriate information about a wide range of different topics that help kids to make the right decisions about love, sex, relationships and growing up.

If you’re in a hurry, and want to know which books I recommend the most, you can read this article about the 10 best sex education books.

Otherwise, just click on the orange button below and it will take you to my huge list of over 200 sex education books for children. And you can relax, they have been sorted into ages and topics for you so that you can find the right book pronto!

Sex education videos

Videos that will help parents with sex education

Some parents like to use videos for sex education. So I am slowly collecting videos that are worth watching. You’ll find some fantastic videos that you can watch with your child. Or you can watch them to learn more about sex education yourself.

You’ll also find a much bigger list of videos on my Sex Education Videos page.

parent on phone for coaching

Need individual support?

You’re not alone if the thought of talking to your child about sex terrifies you! or if you’re unsure about how to get started!

Allow me to provide you with the information, guidance and support you need to talk with your child.

parent completing the parent informaiton course about sexual abuse

Want help keeping your child safe from sexual abuse?

Parents’ Information Course (Online Course)

My friend Holly-Ann from Safe4Kids has created a fabulous course that will provide you with the tools and confidence to keep your child safe from sexual abuse.

Resources to help parents with sex education

Resources to help make sex education easier

Life as a parent can get busy! So below, you’ll find resources that will help you to find a better way to talk about sex. Which means you can focus more on the talking instead of searching for the resources that will make it easier!

How to explain sexual intercourse to kids
How to talk to kids about bodies, penises & vulvas
Cartoon illustrations of the private body parts
cover of paperdoll friends
Anatomically correct paperdolls to cut & color
cover of paperdoll superheroes
Anatomically correct super heroes to cut & color
cover of paperdoll families
Paperdolls for talking about where babies come from
cover of sex ed answer book
Age-specific answers to tough questions kids ask about sex
cover of the parents guide to puberty book
How to talk to kids about puberty & sex
kid watchign puberty course for tweens and teens
Online Puberty course for tweens & parents
parent watching parent info course
How to protect your child from sexual abuse
a group of parents looking at a phone reading the sex education newsletter
Sign up for my parent newsletter
a group of multi cultural children for the 5 day sex ed boot camp
Sign up to my free sex ed course
mother reading sex education book while child draws
Sex education resources
a group of mums smiling from the facebook parent group
FREE Facebook group for parents
the different teachign resources
Teaching aids for educators (& parents)

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