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Sex-Ed School by Shaftesbury Kids

Inside: Sex-ed School by Shaftesbury Kids is a series of short videos for kids about the birds and bees.

Sex Ed School by Shaftesbury Kids TV in Canada is a series of educational sex ed videos that are targeting tweens and teens.

Sex-Ed School is a fun new web series for kids to get real info from experts and discover all the answers they want to know now. A series that explores the birds and the bees with ease in today’s digital landscape. It’s a safe place where kids can talk openly & honestly about sexuality, the body & healthy relationships!You’ll find Season 1 below, which includes 8 sex educational videos.

You’ll find more videos that are suitable for children (and yourself) about sex education in my Sex Education Videos page.

Episode 1 – Consent

When it comes to safety, understanding and applying strategies around consent is a fundamental social skill. This episode explores the many ways consent is applied everyday…because consent means everybody wants to! Ginger and Blue role-play some consent scenarios and we meet Andrew Gurza, a disability awareness consultant who talks openly about how consent applies to everybody!

Episode 2 – Genitals

What’s Up, Down There – Sex-Ed School’s puppets, Ginger & Blue get a makeover as the students learn all about genitals in a fun and very playful way. Animation provides the scientific facts of all that’s going on down there, and the students get to play Pin-the-Ovaries-on-the Uterus to learn some facts about what’s happening inside the body as well.

Episode 3 – Puberty

Puberty can be a confusing time, but knowledge can help make things a little easier! What are some signs our bodies are going through puberty? When does it start? And what happens when it does? Hosts Eva and Nadine share some fun fruit analogies to highlight what’s going on with the body. In this episode, we’ll learn about what’s happening in the mind and in the body during puberty. We also get some insight into what causes those adolescent mood swings as Louisa Jewell, Canada’s leading expert in positive psychology shares what’s really going on.

Episode 4 – Gender

Gender expression is how a person chooses to express themselves, while gender is how they feel on the inside. Eva and Nadine discuss pronouns and the kids learn more about what gender is all about. We meet Kaleb, a trans man who shares his gender journey during a fun and informative Q and A. As well, the kids play a game of musical-chairs-with-a-twist to learn more about how everyone can feel comfortable expressing who they are. 

Episode 5 – Orientation

Orientation is all about who a person is attracted to. The kids discover that not everyone feels attraction in the same way and that some people do not experience sexual attraction. Local Drag Queens, Fay Slift and Fluffy Soufflé drop by for a delightfully candid discussion about all things orientation from their POV. The kids learn more about LGBTQ2+ and pose some very interesting questions for Fay and Fluffy. 

Episode 6 – Kissing

Why do people kiss? What happens when we kiss? The kids explore how kissing is different in family, friendly, and romantic relationships in the Sex-Ed School Kissing Wheel game – featuring Ginger and Blue who demonstrate the myriad of kisses indicated on the wheel. 

Episode 7 – Digital Dos

Being connected is awesome but nothing done online is really private. Everyone is in control of how much or how little they share and knowing how to use social media and the internet safely is the best protection. Eva and Nadine challenge the kids as they demonstrate some key digital dos and don’ts via gameplay that shines a light on trust, privacy and the shared responsibility we all have when it comes to navigating the world wide web. 

Episode 8 – Love is Love

Everybody loves something or someone but the most important person to love is yourself. Eva and Nadine tackle love head-on and challenge the kids during a special Sex-Ed School version of The Game of Things. Self-love becomes front and centre when the topic of masturbation is part of the gameplay providing lots of opportunity for some key learnings and debunking of some common myths. 

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