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Sex Education Books for Children | Sex Ed Rescue
sex education books for children


From how babies are made to puberty to sex, this guide has you covered! There are over 200 books in this list, and I keep adding more each month. 

Use the buttons below to navigate to the topics that interest you the most. Each chapter contains the best (and most readily available) sex education books for children from around the world. Some books are classics that are still very relevant today, some have been around for a little while, whilst others are only recently published! You can find an age specific list of sex education books here.

And if you know of a book that isn't included or you would like to see included, please do let me know!

NOTE: Before passing any book to your child or reading the book with your child, you should read it yourself first. I might think it is a great book for a certain age child or that the information is valuable, but you may disagree. You need to choose books that reflect your values and the messages you want your child to receive.

The Ultimate List of the Best Sex Education Books for Children

children in bath

Books about body parts to help you name and talk about penises and vulvas. 

children with super hero cape

Books about body safety to help you talk to your child about being the boss of their body.

child holding sign that say stop

Books for kids of all ages to start teaching them about the many nuances of consent.

Books to prepare your tween or teen for dating. They'll prepare parents too!

child in wheelchair with friends

Books about puberty and sex for kids with a disability.

dierse group of children

Books for talking about diversity and the fact that everyone is different and that's okay. 

boy kissing girl

Books to help tweens  to understand the 'ups and downs' of friends and growing up.

child playing with dollhouse

Books for talking to kids about gender and what it actually means. 

children in dress up clothes

Books that talk about gender identity and how our gender (B/G) doesn't always match our sex (M/F).

man and woman in bed

Books that talk about how babies are made  ie sexual intercourse, IVF, surrogacy and adoption.

2 children on computer

Books to help you talk to your child about internet safety or cybersafety ie staying safe online.

child in bed

Books to help you to talk about masturbation for tweens as they go through puberty and younger kids.

family on computer

Books to help you to talk about the hidden messages we receive through the media. 

2 parents

Books, cards and resources that will help parents with sex education. 

period supplies

Books that talk mainly about periods, giving girls the answers to their many questions.

shocked children on computer

Books to help you to start talking to your child about porn in a safe way.

child and pregnant mother

Books to help you to explain how a baby grows and is born.

children in tree

Books to help you to teach your child about how to stay safe from sexual abuse.

group of tweens

A huge list of puberty books so that your child is prepared for the changes it brings.

same sex family

Books for talking about same-sex relationships and that people sometimes fall in love with the same sex.

mother reading book to child

Books that are what I call manuals  or 'all in one' books that include everything. For kids of all ages.

children taking selfies

Books to help you talk to your child about social media and responsible online behaviour.

group of teenagers

Books to teach teens everything they could possibly need to know about sex.


Books that talk about where babies come from WITHOUT mentioning sex. Perfect for kids who are curious about where they came from, rather than how they were made.