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The best internet safety storybooks for children

As a parent living in the 21st century, it is important to have some internet safety storybooks for your children on your bookshelf! As soon as you start letting your child play on a tablet or your phone, you really do need to consider talking about online safety.

The chances of your child accidentally stumbling across online pornography is quite high. It is actually harder to avoid sexually explicit images than it is to find them. You can learn more about the risks of online pornography to children in this blogpost of mine.

And research tells us that the best approach that a parent can take, is to prepare your child so that they know what to do when (not if) they stumble across pornography.

A great way to start talking is with the use of some internet safety storybooks.  Here you will find some of the few books that are available. Some talk about porn, whilst others talk about being online in general.

And remember, the first conversation about this topic is the hardest. It does get easier!

You will only find books in this list that are readily available at bookshops today.

You can find more books about different topics in the main list of Sex Education Books for Children.

And if you find this list a little overwhelming, you might want to look at the age-appropriate list of sex education books.

You’ll find more information about sex education in my Sex Education 101 page.

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NOTE: Before passing any book to your child or reading the book with your child, you should read it yourself first. I might think it is a great book for a certain age child or that the information is valuable, but you may disagree. You need to choose books that reflect your values and the messages you want your child to receive.

Children’s books about internet safety

Below you’ll find all the individual books about cybersafety and staying safe online. Just click the book that interests you to learn more.

These are some of the many internet safety storybooks that have been written for children. As I find more, I will add them to this list. They are all really good books that you will find useful for starting to talk about keeping safe online.

Happy reading!

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