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Trust yourself,
so you won’t say the wrong thing, say too much or speak too soon!

Provide your child with age-appropriate information
 that satisfies their curiosity, that they understand, and they’re ready for.

Have the peace of mind
 that if your child can talk to you about sex that they then know that they can speak to you about anything (and I mean… anything).

Empower your child 
by helping them to make the right sexual decisions throughout their life.

Find resources 
that make sex education easier.

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Hi, I’m Cath Hakanson

Hi, I’m Cath. And welcome to a better way to talk to kids about sex!

I believe you can talk to your kids about sex with less cringe and more confidence, and empower them to (one day) make smart sexual decisions.

As a parent and sex educator with over 25 years of experience, I’ll give you the guidance you need to naturally talk to your kids about sex, all while respecting your personal values.

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