Are you a parent looking for a better way to talk to your kids about sex?

A sex education newsletter for parents

Are you a parent looking for a better way to talk about sex?

Join the Sex Ed Rescue Community and learn ways to naturally talk to your child about sex

(with less cringe and more confidence)

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Start receiving the Sex Ed Rescue newsletter and you’ll learn how to:

Start conversations that feel more natural but also respectful of your personal values.

Answer your child’s sex questions with less cringe and more confidence.

Trust yourself,
so you won’t say the wrong thing, say too much or speak too soon!

Provide your child with age-appropriate information
 that satisfies their curiosity, that they understand, and they’re ready for.

Have the peace of mind
 that if your child can talk to you about sex that they then know that they can speak to you about anything (and I mean… anything).

Empower your child 
by helping them to make the right sexual decisions throughout their life.

Find resources 
that make sex education easier.

What others are saying

“I am so grateful for all that you provide in Sex Ed Rescue. Truly, it has had me way ahead of the game with explaining things and making both me and my kids feel comfortable about their bodies, their changes and sex-related ideas.” Sarah

“Thank you so so much. It’s all kinda scary and funny and interesting. I’m very grateful to you for being there always and I’m so glad I found you.” Vicky

“Love your work!! I’ve used a lot of your tips with my daughter and find them very helpful.”  Peta

“I love your approach to sex education and how you emphasize not just the biological aspects but the emotional side as well. Keep up the good work!! I really appreciate it!!” Erika

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CATH HAKANSON | Registered Nurse | Midwife | Post-Graduate Certificate in Sexual Health & Venereology | Masters of Health Promotion | Post-Graduate Diploma of Sexology | Cert IV in Assessment & Workplace Training | Cert IV Relationship Education

About Cath

Cath Hakanson has been talking to clients about sex for the past 25 years as a nurse, midwife, sex therapist, researcher, author and educator. She’s spent the past 15 years trying to unravel why parents (herself included) struggle with sex education. Her solution was to create Sex Ed Rescue, an online resource for parents looking for a better way to talk about sex so they can empower their child to make smart sexual decisions. 

Cath has lived all over Australia but currently lives in Perth with her partner, two children, and ever-growing menagerie of pets. Despite having an unusual profession, she bakes, sews, and knits for sanity, collects sexual trivia, and tries really hard not to embarrass her children in public. Well, most of the time anyway!

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