ABOUT Sex Ed Rescue

Hi there, I’m Cath Hakanson.

When it comes to sex education, I’ve worn many hats:

Nurse. Clinician. Educator. Counsellor. Therapist. Consultant. Researcher. Author.

My friends call me a sexpert  (and often call on my expertise), but I think my daughter sums me up the best: I am just a mum who talks about sex.

Yes, I do talk about sex a lot, in ways that strengthen relationships between parents and children. I love helping other mums and dads feel comfortable about having these conversations with their kids.

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Some of the places I've been seen...

I believe that if your kids can talk to you about sex…

they can talk to you about anything.

Which really means, I help parents:

  • Improve their kid’s safety.
  • Teach their kids self-respect, boundaries and appropriate behaviour.
  • Be the one their children ask first (before they get mis-informed by the wrong source or make the wrong decision).
  • Get the knowledge, skills and confidence to have conversations about sex.
  • Get over their own stuff (the stuff that stops sex education completely).
  • Navigate content so they find the wisdom, not the rubbish.
  • Seize the teachable moments in a natural way (goodbye awkward sermons).
  • Raise children who become teenagers more likely to talk to them about sex, drugs, parties and bullying.

Ultimately, I help parents have the kind of relationships with their kids they really want to have.

Relationships that feel safe, shame-free, secure and special.

I used to believe that parents should  just talk to their kids about sex, but i soon realised that it isn’t that simple!

But after working with thousands of people since the early ‘90’s, I’m wise to the stuff that gets in the way of parents talking about sex with their kids.

I understand that even the mere thought of talking to your kids about sex, can make you worry. You may wonder:

  • Will I say the wrong thing?
  • Aren’t they too young?
  • Will I sexualise her?
  • Is this too much Information for him?
  • If I talk to my kids about sex, aren’t I giving them permission to be… sexual?

So when it comes to talking to your kids about sex, are you in…

Damage Control or Denial?

I believe there’s a much healthier and happier alternative. It’s about getting sex wise.

Being a sex-wise parent means:

  • You don’t need to be an expert (or a sexpert!) — you’re simply willing to initiate conversations with your kids.
  • You know where to find answers to the questions you can’t answer.
  • You recognise teachable moments and opportunities to talk to your kids about sexuality, sex, their bodies (no more damage control).
  • You’re an askable parent — your kids feel safe to ask questions, not just about sex, but about everything and anything.
  • You don’t hide from or hope that you’ll never have to answer questions about sex. (NEWSFLASH: sex has been around for a long time, it’s not going anywhere).
  • You have the skills to help your kids through different issues that you may not have gone through.
  • You’re a wise parent that values your kids’ natural curiosity and guides them to make positive decisions.

I want you to be a sex-wise parent, too. Here’s how I became one.

Professionally-speaking, my interests have included STIs (sexually transmitted infections), women’s sexual and reproductive health, female sexual dysfunction, child sexual development, child sexual abuse and sex education. But ever since becoming a mother in 2006, sex education has been my main interest.

You see, I was surprised by how I reacted to my own child’s sexual behaviour, questions and responses. Why was it that I could talk to one of my clients about their masturbation but I felt uncomfortable talking to my own child about hers?

An intensive search for reliable and practical information, and conversations with many other parents made me realise that I was not alone in my struggle. Other parents also struggled with understanding what sex education was and how to do it.

Sex Ed Rescue was born out of a passion for sex education. I believe that when a parent can talk to their kid about sex in a natural, supportive and shame-free way they do everyone a favour: themselves, their communities and especially their children.

Sex Ed Rescue was established to help parents develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to start talking with their kids about sexuality, relationships and keeping safe.

Wouldn’t you love to be the parent your kids turn to?

Can you imagine feeling empowered, natural and supported in your conversations about sex?

I’d love to help you be that parent.