Pornography 101

Everything you ever need to know to protect your child from pornography

Porn 101

Talk to your child about pornography & staying safe online

I am hoping that you are here because you’ve realised that (maybe) it’s time to start talking with your child/ren about inappropriate things like internet or online pornography.

And if you have realised that it’s time, then you can relax!

As you’re in the right place.

If your child has access to your phone, a tablet or a computer, then you need to be talking to them about online porn. Regardless of how well supervised they are or the number of internet filters you have, sooner or later your child is going to stumble upon sexually explicit videos or pictures.

This page contains lots of information that will help you to talk about porn with your child. Regardless of whether your child is 3 or 15! You’ll find a quiz that will help you to work out whether your child is ready to learn about porn, an online course that will help you to start talking to your child about porn, and parent coaching if you need help with talking to your child.

You’ll also find blogposts that will help you to start talking to your child about porn, an infographic about the impact of porn on kids, children’s books for teaching kids about porn, as well as information about parental controls.

And yes, porn is a difficult topic to talk about. Especially if you haven’t even talked to them about sex!

But porn doesn’t have to be a difficult conversation.

And I’m here to show you how to have conversations that will empower your child to make smart decisions about porn!

porn on a phone

Is your child at risk from porn?

Find out in just 2 minutes with this short quiz

children looking at camera

Unsure about how to get started? (with sex education)

Sign up for my FREE 5 part course that helps parents get started with sex education

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Children’s Books about Pornography

Books are a great resource for starting conversations that feel more natural (and less awkward)

parents starting the porn talk course on their laptop

Learn how to talk to your child about porn

The Porn Talk Course (Online Course)

An online program that walks you through how to have conversations with your child about porn in a shame-free way

parent on phone for coaching

Need individual support?

You’re not alone if the thought of talking to your child about porn terrifies you! Especially if you’ve just learnt that your child has already been exposed to it.

Allow me to provide you with the information, guidance and support you need to talk with your child.

first section of porn infographic

Pornography Infographic

Unsure about how porn affects children? This infographic will quickly show you how!

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