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The Surfing Penguin by Kim Maslin

Book Review: The Surfing Penguin by Kim Maslin is a collection of short stories that will help parents with talking to kids about how to use the internet safely.

Book Review

A short overview of this book

The Surfing Penguin by Kim Maslin is a collection of 4 short stories, with each story teaching a different lesson about viewing inappropriate content, cyberbullying, trolling and location services.

All really important conversations that we need to have with our children, to ensure they stay safe but also use the internet in a responsible way.

The stories are short and to the point with reflection questions after each story. These are very helpful for continuing the conversation and talking about how the story fits into your family life.

What I like about this book, is that each story focuses on one lesson. Which means that parents can focus on having an in-depth conversation around the one topic. Instead of talking superficially about many topics.

Kim also has some other books as well, The Tweeting Galah and The Little Possum who Looked Up.

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✅ Buy a copy of The Surfing Penguin by Kim Maslin from Amazon or Book Depository.

Ideal ages

What’s the ideal age for this book?

The Surfing Penguin by Kim Maslin is ideal for children between the ages of 8 – 10 years of age.

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Where can you buy a copy of this book?

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You can buy a copy of The Surfing Penguin by Kim Maslin from Amazon or Book Depository.

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