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The best puberty books for boys

If you’re the parent of a boy (or a child with a male body),  you will hopefully find this parent guide to puberty books for boys very helpful. As you’re sure to find the perfect puberty book for your child in here!

Books help to make talking about puberty with your child a lot easier. It will provide them with age-appropriate information they can understand and is relevant to their stage of development.  Plus the right book will help to prepare them for the changes that will soon be coming his way.

Most of the books that are marketed as being for boys assume that your child has male reproductive organs – penis, testicles, scrotum etc. So they are not what you would call ‘gender-diverse’.

You will find two lists of puberty books for boys in this book review list.

The first list is the books that don’t talk about sex. They only talk about puberty.

The second list is the books that talk about puberty but also talk about sex or sexual intercourse.

So which list should you look at? The puberty books that do or don’t include sex?

That’s up to you! Your child will usually cope with whatever puberty book you give them, but sometimes it is easier to give the books without sex to younger kids.  Especially if they are resistant to the thought of puberty or are easily overwhelmed by change.

You can also find lists of puberty books for 8 year oldspuberty books for 9 year oldspuberty books for 10 year olds, puberty books for 11 year olds, and puberty books for 12 year olds.

You can find more books about different topics in the main list of Sex Education Books for Children.

And if you find this list a little overwhelming, you might want to look at the age-appropriate list of sex education books.

You’ll find more information about puberty in my Puberty 101 page.

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Puberty books for boys

NOTE: Before passing any book to your child or reading the book with your child, you should read it yourself first. I might think it is a great book for a certain age child or that the information is valuable, but you may disagree. You need to choose books that reflect your values and the messages you want your child to receive.

Puberty books that DON’T mention sex

Here you will find some of the most popular puberty books for boys (or kids with male reproductive parts). This list of puberty books DO NOT talk about sex or sexual intercourse.

These are some of the many children’s books about puberty for boys (or kids with a male body) that have been written. As I find more, I will add them to this list. They are all really good books that they can read to find reliable and accurate information about love, sex and relationships.

Happy reading!

Resources to help with talking about puberty

My mission is to create resources that will help you to naturally talk to your kids about sex, all while respecting your personal values.

Which means that inside this website, you’ll find lots of resources to help you with talking to your child about puberty.

My Puberty 101 page includes all of the information on puberty. You’ll find lots of different blog posts to help with talking to your child about growing up.

You’ll find videos about puberty in my Sex Education Videos resource page that you can watch with your child or to learn more about puberty yourself.

You’ll also find an extensive range of children’s books on puberty, for kids of all ages. 

If you get stuck and feel that you need some extra support with talking to your child about puberty, then my book, Boy Puberty – How to talk about puberty and sex with your tween boy or Girl Puberty – How to talk about puberty and sex with your tween girl, may be helpful. It’s a straightforward common sense guide that will help you to start having honest conversations that will guide your child through puberty, and strengthen your relationship without feeling embarrassed, awkward or nervous.

If you need some help with explaining sexual intercourse to your child, then How to Talk to Kids About Sex will help you explain sex to your child in a way they will understand. It breaks sex down into simple steps that take the stress out of explaining!

If you want a printed book to hold in your hands, then The Sex Education Answer Book will give you age-specific answers to the most common questions kid’s ask parents about sex. Which means you don’t need to worry about finding a child-friendly explanation that your child understands. 

If you want the answers to questions about a lot more than just sex, then Sex Ed Quickies is your best option. This web-based app has answers to 300+ questions that kids commonly ask parents,  including how babies are made, sexual intercourse, body parts, puberty, relationships, pregnancy, birth, masturbation, sexual diversity, gender, pornography, STIs, contraception and much more.

And if you get stuck, feel free to get in touch! You can contact me here.

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