cover of Guy Stuff The Body Book for Boys (American Girl) by Cara Natterson

Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys (American Girl) by Cara Natterson

Book Review: An American Girl book for boys about puberty and growing up.

Book Review

A short overview of this book

Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys (American Girl) by Cara Natterson is a popular book for boys that is about puberty and growing up.

It talks about all the changes that a boy will face as he is growing up. Sex or liking girls/boys is not talked about but wet dreams and erections are included. This book is what I call a ‘nice safe introduction’ to puberty that doesn’t focus on sex, which means it is good for younger and less mature boys.

Sexual intercourse is NOT talked about in this book.

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Ideal ages

What’s the ideal age for this book?

Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys (American Girl) by Cara Natterson is ideal for children between the ages of 10 – 13 years of age.

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Where can you buy a copy of this book?

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You can buy a copy of Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys (American Girl) by Cara Natterson from Amazon or Book Depository.

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Video review

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Video transcription

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Hi, I’m Cath Hak from Sex Ed Rescue and I want to talk to you about this book. It’s only just been published. Well, published when I’m recording this video and it’s by the American Girl Company. They write books for girls to read, and recently they realized many of those girls have brothers. So, when the parents buy from American Girl, they see books for both their daughters and sons.

This is it; ‘Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys.’ It’s a longer book, but I love it. The art is beautiful and reminds me of 1950’s style comics. So, visually, they’ve done very well. It has the same, familiar layout as other American Girl books, making it easy to read. It’s also a good resource to start talking about puberty to younger boys. Sometimes when you get a book it talks about the changes that happen to their body, fertility, reproduction, sex and so on. These books don’t. They are what I would call ‘vanilla’; they’re a very safe and gentle approach to puberty. So, they’re great for younger children.

Instead, they focus more on how to look after your body, changes they’ll go through, and everything like that. It does briefly cover erections and wet dreams as well, but there isn’t much detail. Even as I look at this page, the most inappropriately drawn image is an outline of the testes. Even so, it’s very well drawn and accurate. Other than that, the chapters are just about things you can begin talking to your child about.

With erections, it discusses what to do if you get one, how to hide it, and stuff boys want to know. Another big topic is shaving. Shaving happens later in puberty, but if we talk about it now boys can better understand their bodies. It also talks about public areas and not so public areas, and what happens underneath their clothes.

It is a great book. There are lots of conversations about feelings, peer pressure and briefly about relationships and attraction as well. However, it doesn’t mention feeling horny or sexual attraction, so it’ll be appropriate for a younger audience. I think it’s a great book and can’t wait until my son is older and can read it. It has good information, is very safe, and doesn’t talk too much about sex.

Even when I was showing it to my twelve-year-old daughter, she liked all the pictures. It’s a very modern book that looks nice and has fewer words. Which, I think it’s very important. I’m a big fan of this book so I hope this helps.

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