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My Body, My Self for Boys by Lynda Madaras

Book Review: A book for younger boys about puberty.


A short overview of this book

My Body, My Self for Boys was written by Lynda Madaras and her daughter Area Madaras.  It is a puberty book for boys that also includes activities that can be completed by your child. (either alone or with a parent).

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Book Review

An overview of the book

This book is similar to the “What’s happening to my body book”, but this particular one is written with the younger teen (or tween) in mind. It has over 100 quizzes, checklists, games and journal pages that can be completed throughout the book.

This book, My Body, My Self for Boys by Lynda Madaras, was first published in 1993 and the latest version, this one, was updated in 2007. So the book is currently about ten years old. This isn’t exactly old, as not a lot has really changed in the last decade.

If you look at the actual index of the book, you will see that it includes content that is just about puberty. Because the book has been written with the younger tween and teen in mind, it focuses just on puberty ie sex isn’t really talked about.

So the book starts off with looking at what is happening to their body. It talks about the fact that puberty is all about the body growing up and becoming an adult. There is a whole chapter dedicated to the male sex organs because, as you know, a fair bit of stuff happens down there with regards to the penis, getting hair, getting bigger, ejaculating and all that sort of stuff.

My Body, My Self for Boys by Lynda Madaras, then looks at what is changing on the inside of the body. It then talks about what happens on the inside, creating sperm, and being fertile, ejaculation, orgasm, wet dreams and masturbation. All important stuff for a boy, who has yet to experience any of these changes, to know about before the changes happen!

We then move onto some of the other changes that can happen with puberty. This book then talks about growing taller, about how your face can change, developing muscles,  and eating right. It then moves into some of the less desirable changes eg body odour and pimples. So, it talks about the fact that there’s a lot of change and it’s just about a matter of adapting I guess.

So when you look inside, you will see that there are lots of pages with questions, quizzes and activities throughout it. For example, list a word you have heard for the penis, scrotum or testicles. There is lots of information with the content broken up with illustrations. The book has probably got 120 pages so it’s quite thick, and there is no index at the back. But you don’t really need one with this book, as the layout means that it is easy to find the information that you may be looking for.

My Body, My Self for Boys by Lynda Madaras, is a book that mainly focuses on puberty. So it doesn’t’ talk about what sex is all about. When it comes to picking a book for your child it’s a matter of what you are interested in at the time. Some kids are quite overwhelmed by the thought of puberty and what it all means. So sometimes it is a good idea to give them a simple book that talks about the one topic ie puberty. Adding sex into the equation will just overwhelm them.

I do think that these are good little books because they don’t talk about sex.  They are a little out of date as in they are nearly ten years old but when it comes to puberty, not a lot has actually changed in the last decade. So if it a book that just talks about puberty, then yes, technically it’s still accurate enough to use.

My Body, My Self for Boys is one of the many puberty books that have been written for boys. This one has been written for the younger teen and tween, which means that it focuses just on puberty, leaving sex for when they are a bit older.

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Ideal ages

What’s the ideal age for this book?

My Body, My Self for Boys is ideal for children between the ages of 10 – 13 years of age.

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You can buy a copy of My Body, My Self for Boys by Lynda Madaras from Amazon or Book Depository.

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