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The best children’s books on being transgender

One of the biggest changes in sex education over the last decade has been the introduction of children’s books about being transgender.

Today we are a lot more aware (than we used to be) that gender does not always match your genitals.

Sex is biological and is assigned when a child is born ie male, female or indeterminate.

Gender is what we identify as and is not assigned at birth. It is more about what we feel like we are, on the inside.

Sometimes gender and sex don’t match.  So if someone is born with a penis, the sex of that person would be male, but if that person identifies as female, then their gender is transgirl.

So why do kids need to know about this?

  1.  The chances of your child coming across gender diversity at school or within the community is very possible.
  2. Children need to be inclusive and not discriminate against people who are different.
  3. Children who easily accept differences in others will be more accepting of their own differences. Which means they will have higher self-esteem and better body image.

These children’s books on transgender will help you to explain gender diversity to your child. And no, they won’t find it confusing. They will just accept it as another fact of life.

You can find more books about different topics in the main list of Sex Education Books for Children.

And if you find this list a little overwhelming, you might want to look at the age-appropriate list of sex education books.

You’ll find more information about sex education in my Sex Education 101 page.

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Here you will find some of the children’s books on transgender. You will find a video review where I show you through the book, as well as links to Amazon, Book Depository and Booktopia.

These are some of the many children’s books on transgender that have been written. As I find more, I will add them to this list. They are all really good books that you will find useful for starting to talk about gender.

NOTE: Before passing any book to your child or reading the book with your child, you should read it yourself first. I might think it is a great book for a certain age child or that the information is valuable, but you may disagree. You need to choose books that reflect your values and the messages you want your child to receive.

Children’s books about being transgender

Below you’ll find all the individual books that will help children to understand what it means to be transgender. Just click the book that interests you to learn more.

If you have looked at these children’s books about being transgender, you may also be interested in books on other topics too. You can find many of them listed in my sex education book review site.

Happy reading!

Resources to help with talking about sex

My mission is to create resources that will help you to naturally talk to your kids about sex, all while respecting your personal values.

Which means that inside this website, you’ll find lots of resources to help you with talking to your child about love, sex, relationships and growing up.

My Sex Education 101 page includes all of the information on sex education. You’ll find lots of different blog posts to help with getting started, on a wide range of different topics – bodies, consent, diversity, porn, sexual intercourse and more.

You’ll find videos about sex ed in my Sex Education Videos resource page that you can watch with your child or to learn more about sex education yourself.

You’ll also find an extensive range of sex education books for children, for kids of all ages. There are even some books in there for parents!

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to talk to your child about bodies, How to Talk to Kids About Bodies, will help you to start naming the private body parts and to have shame-free conversations with them about bodies. It is filled with lots of different ideas on how to have natural conversations with your child about their body. 

You’ll also find some child-friendly anatomically-correct cartoon illustrations of the genitals and internal reproductive organs that are appropriate for children from the age of 3 and up. Let’s Look at Different Body Parts is a printable that will help take the awkward out of talking to your child about their body, so they grow up feeling educated, confident, and comfortable in their own skin.

Or if you’re looking for an activity that you can sit down and complete with your child, then you may want to look at my anatomically-correct paperdolls. They are perfect for starting natural conversations whilst your hands are busy.

If you need some help with explaining sexual intercourse to your child, then How to Talk to Kids About Sex, will help you explain sex to your child in a way they will understand. It breaks sex down into simple steps that take the stress out of explaining!

If you’re unsure about how to answer your child’s questions about sex, then I have the perfect book for you! The Sex Education Answer Book will give you age-specific answers to the most common questions kid’s ask parents about sex. Which means you don’t need to worry about finding a child-friendly explanation that your child understands. 

And if you get stuck, feel free to get in touch! You can contact me here.

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17 thoughts on “The best children’s books on being transgender”

  1. blank

    It is good that kids can learn about this at an early age, in the future people should grow to be more tolerant and open minded.

  2. blank

    I have three children and a step son.. my eldest daughter was chatting away to me recently as I was doing her nails and she slipped into conversation that she has a girlfriend. My response? ” Oh yeah! What’s her name? What’s she like? Is she good at school? The exact response she would have had if she had said she had a boyfriend. She smiled and said “so you dont mind” I said Lottie, as long as you are happy. Safe. And good to each other. The gender, race, religion etc of your partner doesn’t matter! Then my youngest son came to me a week later and told me something I have always known somehow. He wants to be a girl. He cried his little heart out asking if he was weird. Naughty. Bad.. so I painted his nails. Bought him some pink clothes (as he said that’s what he wanted. Not just because I thought girl = pink) I got him a doll, a ballerina and a unicorn. And a Disney Princess quilt cover to add to his cars bedroom as that’s what he said he would love. We talked about his feelings. I told him its ok. It Is allowed. He was born the way he is and that to me, whatever or whoever he ends up being. I will love him/her always. I came onto this site to find some books I can read to him as he’s still a bit confused about why and how he can be a girl (if that makes sense) and I have a daughter who who suffers alopecia (this is totally different I know) but to help her feel more confident. I shaved off my eyebrows when she lost hers so that she wouldn’t think she was alone. Or think that people were staring at just her. As they would be looking at me too! She adores unicorns. Princesses. Dolls. And superheroes. She doesn’t go anywhere without a party dress on. She even digs in the garden wearing a party dress and wellies. And my eldest daughter shops in the “boys aisle” in clothes shops. And you know what? They are all different. Quirky. Amazing. Beautiful children. And I wouldn’t have them any other way. Thank you for this website it has really really helped me! And will help my son too.

      1. blank

        Thank you! I feel privelaged to be their mum. And honestly their happiness is all that matters to me. So whoever they are inside is to be celebrated. I do worry that my son will be bullied but then I tell myself, as long as his confidence starts at home and we build it up. He’s going to be fine. At the moment I refer to him as a he as he’s only just starting to come out of his shell. But if he is a she, she will still be my child, who I adore. My eldest daughter who is bisexual is so confident. Someone commented and wouldn’t refer to her girlfriend as her girlfriend and told her she’s only young. She doesn’t know what she is yet,, she said I’m not a thing. I’m a person. It’s not what I am it’s who I am. And I know exactly who I am. And walked off. I was so proud! As parents we don’t own our children. We were trusted with the job of guiding them. And I honestly look forward to the future guiding my little tribe. Families are like patchwork quilts. Each piece so different. So unique. But all stitched together to make something beautiful. Mine is a rainbow quilt. And there is nothing more beautiful. Anyway sorry I’m rambling! I’m just very proud of them! Thank you so much for this website! X

        1. blank

          LOL, you’re not rambling! If you were interested, you can share your story as a blogpost on the website (and it can be anonymous!) Stories are a great way for us to all learn – and your story would be a great way for parents to think about how they may handle this situation!

          1. blank

            Hi 🙂 yes I would do that. Sorry I only just saw you comment. I didn’t notice yesterday and.am just sat with my son as a thunderstorm has woken him and was reading this list of books to him as we are going on holiday in two weeks and I’ve ordered a few to take with us. His main concern was that he’s the only person like this. So I’ve been getting books to show him he isn’t. I also wrote one about a boy with the same name as him. And how he felt before and after he told his mum how he felt and included in it things my son has done that he may not think I notice or understand. Just so that he knows I see and hear and understand even without him always saying the words. So that hopefully he will see that he’s done nothing wrong. He’s not weird or bad (he told me that’s what he thought) and that I always knew deep down this was how he felt. And love him more than anything still. I thought perhaps not having to tell me things while thinking I will react badly would help him open up. He went through a phase of acting really angry and frustrated. So in the story I wrote about how his mummy understood that growing up is scary and confusing. And she knew that he was acting that way because he felt he couldn’t say what he wanted to say. But that he could always tell his mum anything. And when he read that bit he got quite upset and I thought uh oh I didn’t judge this right. But he actually said he was crying because I was right and that he felt better knowing that I knew what was wrong and didn’t think he was just naughty.. my nan laughs (in a nice way) that I definitely broke the mould with my children. Yes I did. And couldn’t be more proud. my eldest daughter hugged me yesterday. I asked what she was after. Haha! She said nothing. I’m just happy because you just asked me how my girlfriend is.. well of course! I like to know how they are! But she said it makes her feel really accepted. And that’s all I want for her, for them all. To be happy and accepted. And confident. X

  3. blank

    Also… My daughter kept getting comments about how she’s too young to know what she is like I said previously.. today I bought her a t shirt that says ” I want pizza, not your opinion” with a rainbow pizza slice on it 🙂 she loves it haha!

  4. blank

    So sorry, I thought I had replied. Yes I would love to do that. Have you heard of a book called “George”. My son has just gone for a sleepover at his nans and had a meltdown as he couldn’t find this book. He takes it everywhere. He’s read it over and over. It’s a book about just being yourself and talks about gender identity, hobbies, interests. All sorts. I bought it and read it first. To make sure he would understand it all as it’s quite a long story. Then read it with him. And he absolutely loves it and he really learned alot about himself through identifying with George in the story x

    1. blank

      LOL, you had replied, I have to approve them (you would not believe how many porn sites try to leave comments on my posts 😲 )

      I’ll send you an email! and I’ll request that book now from our local library! thanks

      1. blank

        Oh! Sorry lol! Do they really!! For goodness sake! It is a really good book. Its my son’s favourite. It’s all scruffy now as he’s read it so much but he loves it. Hope you didnt mind me suggesting a different book x

        1. blank

          that’s how these book lists grow – by suggestions. So share as many as you can with me! My local library is fabulous and if they can’t find it from another library they will buy it.

  5. blank

    Ah ok 🙂 well there is a really good series of books. They are called My Awesome Brother/My Awesome Aunty and so on. So that you can buy/read whichever is applicable. My Awesome Brother is about a child her helps their older sister who is struggling with gender identity and helps them transition. And they both celebrate. It really helped all my children as the books are so diverse and inclusive of the feelings the whole family have when one family member transitions. So I found it really helpful. And as I say, the series is about different family members so even if your child isn’t transgender, if another family member is. There will be a book in the series to explain it to them x

  6. blank

    It has come to my attention that a book called “George” was banned in schools for being very inappropriate. The article about it popped up on my Google suggestions. I read it as my son loves his book and it isn’t innappropriate. I read it before he did to check. And the book in the article is very different to my son’s. But the same title. My son’s is a short story whereas this other one is much longer with chapters. They have different front covers too. So I’m a tad confused! And feel bad incase anybody sees my comment and ends up with this other book!

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