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The best children’s books on transgender

One of the biggest changes in sex education over the last decade has been the introduction of children's books about being transgender. 

Today we are a lot more aware (than we used to be) that gender does not always match your genitals.

Sex is biological and is assigned when a child is born ie male, female or indeterminate. 

Gender is what we identify as and is not assigned at birth. It is more about what we feel like we are, on the inside. 

Sometimes gender and sex don't match.  So if someone is born with a penis, the sex of that person would be male, but if that person identifies as female, then their gender is transgirl.

So why do kids need to know about this?  

  1.  The chances of your child coming across gender diversity at school or within the community is very possible.
  2. Children need to be inclusive and not discriminate against people who are different.
  3. Children who  easily accept differences in others, will be more accepting of their own differences. Which means they will have higher self esteem and better body image.

These children's books on transgender will help you to explain gender diversity to your child. And no, they won't find it confusing. They will just accept it as another fact of life. 

You’ll find more information about sex education in my Sex Education 101 page.

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Children's books on transgender

Here you will find some of the children's books on transgender. You will find a video review where I show  you through the book, as well as links to Amazon, Book Depository and Booktopia.  

These are some of the many children's books on transgender that have been written. As I find more, I will add them to this list. They are all really good books that you will find useful for starting to talk about gender.

If you have looked at these children's books about being transgender, you may also be interested in books on other topics too. You can find many of them listed in my sex education book review site.

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About the Author Cath Hakanson

I'm Cath, a sex educator living in Australia with my husband and 2 kids. I help parents to talk about sex (with less cringe and more confidence) and empower their child to make smart sexual decisions. To find a better way to talk about sex, you can join my community of parents and visit my shop for helpful resources.

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