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sex education books for 11 year olds

Sex Education Books for 11 year olds

If you haven't yet talked to your child about sex and growing up, then I suggest you grab a book from this list of sex education books for 11 year olds. It will provide you with the perfect opportunity to start a conversation with your child about the birds and bees or the facts of life

Puberty provides you with the perfect opportunity to start talking about sex.  Since puberty is when your child turns into an adult who is capable of reproducing, it is the ideal time to start talking about sex in more detail. And if you find starting the conversation awkward, then a book can help to make it easier. 

There are a lot of books in this list of sex education books for 11 year olds. Books that will help you to talk about  sex, relationships, consent, gender, masturbation and much more. You won't find any puberty books in this, you'll find the best puberty books for 11 year olds here. 

Books that you can either read together with your child or for your child to read by themselves. 

If it is a particular topic that you're interested in, then you'll find books by the topic in the main list of Sex Education Books for Children.

And if you're looking for book for a different aged child, then you'll want to look at the age-appropriate list of sex education books

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NOTE: Before passing any book to your child or reading the book with your child, you should read it yourself first. I might think it is a great book for a certain age child or that the information is valuable, but you may disagree. You need to choose books that reflect your values and the messages you want your child to receive.

Sex Educator Recommendations

A warning!

There are a lot of books in this list on a wide range of topics that are relevant to sex education. Which means you'll find books on a lot of different topics, like consent, body safety, diversity families and more. 

So you might feel overwhelmed and not quite sure where to start!

So if you can only buy 1 -5 books, what should you buy for a 11 year old?

You can find my thoughts about the best puberty books for 11 year olds here. 

If you want a book that covers everything in the one book, then  It's perfectly normal by Robie H. Harris is good.

Books that only talk about sex that I really like are Let's Talk About S-E-X (this  one is not a picture book so it is good for kids who find picture books babyish) or The amazing true story of how babies are made (which is a picture book but may still be okay for your child).

The Nonnie books are also really good as well, as they are interactive ie you can sit down and read it together with your child, and answer questions and talk about what you have just read.

These are some of the many sex education books for 11 year olds that have been written. As I find more, I will add them to this list. They are all really good books that kids can read to find reliable and accurate information about love, sex and relationships. Plus they will help prepare you too!

If you have looked at these sex education books for 11 year olds, you may also be interested in books on other topics too. You can find many of them listed in my sex education book review site.

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I'm Cath, a sex educator living in Australia with my husband and 2 kids. I help parents to talk about sex (with less cringe and more confidence) and to empower their child to make smart sexual decisions. You can join my online parent support group here and visit my shop for helpful resources.

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