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An age-by-age guide to sex education books for kids

There are a lot of sex education books for kids out there that will make talking about sex with kids, a whole lot easier! Books on a whole range of topics from how babies are made, to sex to puberty to pornography! Books that will help parents and educators with talking to kids about sex and other things.

And a common question that parents ask me, is which sex education books for kids are appropriate for their age child.

So I have put together the best age-appropriate sex education books for kids, from 3 year olds up to 14 year olds – year by year! Puberty books are NOT included in these lists. I hope you find it useful!

And please, remember, that it is only a guide. When I work out these lists, I wear 2 hats.

The first hat is that of the cautious mother who doesn’t want to give her kids too much information too soon. The second hat is that of the sexologist who knows her theory and has the clinical experience to know what kids can  (and can’t) handle.

Anyway, have a look and I hope that you find some books that your child will enjoy! My own children have enjoyed most of these sex education books for kids, so I am sure that yours will too!

You’ll find more information about sex education in my Sex Education 101 page.

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Age-specific Sex Education Books for Kids

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