cover of A Kid's First Book About Sex by Joani Blank

A Kid’s First Book About Sex by Joani Blank

Book Review: A book that explains sexuality and sex to kids in a way that makes perfect sense!

Book Review

A short overview of this book

A Kid’s First Book About Sex by Joani Blank is an older book that explains sexuality to young children and allows them to feel curious about their body.

This is a fantastic little book because it explains sex to children who have yet to go through puberty ie kids who are a little curious about sex but still see it as something strange that adults do. The author explains it beautifully and in a way that makes perfect sense.

Many topics are discussed in this book. The private parts of the body (the genitals ) are talked about as well as how different(but alike) our bodies can be.

Masturbation (or touching yourself to feel good) is discussed, in regards to the fact that it can feel good to touch your genitals, but that not all kids do this. The different ways you can touch yourself, as well as the fact that some people believe that masturbation is wrong, is briefly discussed. Orgasm is also explained in a way that makes perfect sense to a child.

Sexual intercourse is explained as a way to make babies but also as something that adults like to do for fun or because it can feel nice.

Dating or having a partner (someone who you might like in a different or special way) is also discussed, including same-sex relationships. Healthy relationships are talked about in regards to what 2 people might want to do together.

This is an older book that you can’t buy new, but can still find secondhand. The author also allows you to download the book from her website (for free or for a donation). The author also has a workbook that goes with it, The Playbook For Kids About Sex.

Ideal ages

What’s the ideal age for this book?

A Kid’s First Book About Sex by Joani Blank is ideal for children between the ages of 8 – 12 years of age.

✅ Buy a copy

Where can you buy a copy of this book?

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The author has now died, which means you can no longer download a free copy of the book from her website. You may still be able to find a copy at Abebooks.

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