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Girl Stuff 8–12: Your real guide to the pre-teen years: Book Review

Book Review: A  book about growing up for the younger fans of Kaz Cooke.


A short overview of this book

Girl Stuff 8-12: Your real guide to the pre-teen years, by Kaz Cooke, is the essential younger girl’s guide to puberty and the pre-teen years.

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Book Review

An overview of the book

The author of this book, Kaz Cooke, has quite a few books out there and is also a well known Australian author. She has a great sense of humour and she writes about this stuff in a really casual fun way.

She is not a nurse or a health educator but when you look at the back of the Girl Stuff 8-12, there is a list of health professionals who have been involved. Some of them I personally know, and they really do know their stuff.

So I like the fact that Kaz Cooke gets her content checked by puberty, sexual and reproductive health, adolescence, paediatricians and medical/health people who are working in this field. For the teen book, she surveyed 4000 girls from all over Australia to glean the information that is presented in this book.

Girl Stuff 8–12 is not just about puberty. Topics it includes are:

  • body changes
  • dealing with friends & bullies
  • getting confident
  • first periods
  • pimples
  • hair (wherever it is)
  • phones & being online
  • what to eat
  • being fit & healthy
  • the best books & movies
  • how to be happy with your own true self
  • and lots more!

So, Girl Stuff 8-12, is not just about puberty. It is also about the changes that happen to you as you go through puberty. At the age of 8, girls usually start realising that puberty will one day happen and that things will change. They see the girls, a year or two older than them, developing breasts and things. So they start to get curious about when it is going to happen to them. The author, Kaz Cooke, also has lots of different fun drawings throughout the whole book. It is about 150 pages in length.

This is a book that is just for girls. I am pretty sure that the author, Kaz Cooke, doesn’t write books for boys.

So, what does Girl Stuff 8-12 look at?

It looks at the physical changes that are going to happen: the new you, your body changes, getting your period, your hair and skin. So it is the physical stuff that happens.

Being healthy is an important topic for girls during this stage. It is important that girls have some sort of exercise because as girls go through puberty, they start to gain some bodyweight. Their body is starting to change shape. They are starting to get hips and other changes, in preparation for childbearing. So the body changes. Kids that are naturally skinny, regardless of what they eat, are now start putting gain weight and now need to eat more healthy food.

It also talks about different families and what makes families good. It talks about friends because as girls get to that age of 8 and 9, their friend becomes a lot more important. This is an important developmental milestone ie separating themselves from the family. It is also a part of finding themselves as well. So the book looks at the making and breaking of friendships.

It also talks about bullying, mobile phones, apps and being online. It talks about confidence, moods and emotions as well.

One of the things that I really like about this book, is the casual language. Some people find it too casual, so it comes down to a matter of personal taste. The books that I might love, you may hate. And the books that you love, I may hate. We are all different as to what we prefer, when it comes to a book. But when it comes to kids, it is about giving them choices and options, as to what to read.

The book, Girl Stuff 8-12, also talks about hair, the different bras. She uses some great humour and has fun, with silly bras and even quotes from girls, as well. Things like getting your period and being careful about where you put your sticky strip on your pads and not put it the wrong way up. This is the sort of humour that you will find. She talks about the stuff that you need for your period, pads ie what they are and why you have to change them.

I like the fact that she has included information about mobile phones and apps. Children nowadays are online, getting the bus to school and doing other things that we didn’t do ourselves as kids. As parents, I think that we need to be aware of this and we need to talk to our children about how to keep safe. Things like not putting photos of yourself on social media or with school uniforms on, so that strangers can’t identify where you live.

Girl Stuff 8-12also talks about keeping safe, as well as bullying and why kids are being bullied.

It is a nice book that is very casual and fun but also educational. And it provides an introduction or guide to getting ready for puberty. The joy of this book is that it doesn’t get into sex. So it doesn’t talk about sexual intercourse and all that sex stuff.

When girls are first learning about puberty, they don’t really need to have all the sex stuff included. If you give an 8 year old lots of details about sexual stuff, it can scare them. But also, they just aren’t interested in that amount of information so they just won’t understand it properly. So you need to keep things nice and simple for this younger age group. And this book is one of the few for younger girls that doesn’t include information about sexual intercourse.

Personally, I also think it is easier for parents to give their kids a book like this when it doesn’t talk about sex.

So, I hope that helps. Girl Stuff 8–12: Your real guide to the pre-teen years, by Kaz Cooke, is a great little book for younger girls. Personally, I like Kaz Cooke’s stuff because I like to enjoy a book myself when reading it!

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Ideal ages

What’s the ideal age for this book?

Girl Stuff 8–12: Your real guide to the pre-teen years is ideal for children between the ages of 8 – 12 years of age.

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You can buy a copy of Girl Stuff 8–12: Your real guide to the pre-teen years from  Book Depository.

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