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cover of Positively Izzy By Terri Libenson

Positively Izzy By Terri Libenson

Positively Izzy By Terri Libenson is a book for tweens about the drama, angst and humour of middle-school life.

This book is ideal for tweens who are either going to middle school or about to. It is one of those books that normalises the social changes that happen as you grow up and go through puberty ie that time of working out who you are! Books like this are important as it normalises it and let’s kids know that other kids are going through this too.

It is also a great book to use as a conversation starter and will help with talking to your daughter about the changes that puberty and middle school will bring.

Positively Izzy By Terri Libenson is ideal for children between the ages of  8  – 12 years of age.

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