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Have You Started Yet? by Ruth Thomson

Book Review: A  book that will help to prepare girls for their first period.

Book Review

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Have You Started Yet? by Ruth Thomson is a book for girls that is all about periods and is a useful book for preparing girls for managing their periods.

A book for girls that will answer all their questions about getting their first period and how to manage them. A great resource for parents who are looking for a book that will help them with starting conversations about what to expect as well a show to manage periods on a day to day basis.

Sexual intercourse is NOT talked about in this book.

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Ideal ages

What’s the ideal age for this book?

Have You Started Yet? by Ruth Thomson is ideal for children between the ages of 10 years of age and older.

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You can buy a copy of Have You Started Yet? by Ruth Thomson from Amazon or Book Depository.

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Hi, I’m Cath Hak from Sex Ed Rescue and today we are looking at a book about periods. This book is called, Have You Started Yet? You and Your Period: Getting the Facts Straight. It is by Ruth Thomson and Chloe Thomson, a mother and a daughter who worked together to make this book.

There are just over 100 pages in this book. Writing does take up a lot of the space, but there are also plenty of images and drawings for kids to check out.

This book first came out in 1986, though was last updated in 2010. Many who are parents now could have had this read to them when they were children! I do not think this is an issue, though. Puberty thirty years ago has not changed much. What a child’s body goes through is the same as what they used to go through.

The problem with puberty now is that kids are not only going through puberty at a younger age, but we also live in a very sexualized world. Because of that, we need to start educating children in an age-appropriate way to balance out all this other information they are getting. If parents do not educate their children, then the kids are finding out anyway. However, they might just find out from a less appropriate source.

Now, we can see what this book is all about from the index. As the book says, it is all about periods. It is about starting your period, why your body is changing, why girls have periods, what is it like to have a period, and what you should use. There is plenty of information for people who are starting their period.

To start off, the story talks about how you are going through your period. On the side, there are little boxes with stories about periods in them.

One of the stories is, ‘A girl at school told me she bled regularly and had to wear something to deal with it.’ As you can see, these stories are very simple and child friendly.

I honestly do think that most kids already know what periods are, though. If they watch TV, they could see advertisements for pads and tampons. Or, at school they might hear other people talking about their period is happening.

The next topic is, ‘Why is your body changing?’ It talks about before and after puberty. In this chapter specifically talks about hormones, growing, getting breasts, getting hair down there, and more.

One image does show what happens to the genitals during puberty, but it is very simple. The clitoris is also mentioned, though the book only talks about it being hidden.

After that, the book talks briefly about how boys change during puberty then continues with the rest of the book. So, we are looking at information like why girls have periods, and everything mentioned in the index.

If you are looking for a book to talk to your child about periods, then this is one of the many available. When it comes to picking one book out of such a broad option, it does come down to literacy. So, how well can your child read? My twelve-year-old daughter had no problem with this book, but when she was younger? No; the amount of writing would have been too much.

Another thing to look at is if the book has the right kind of information you are looking for. This book only briefly talks about sex.

If you are looking for a book on periods that goes into detail on sexual intercourse and that sort of stuff, you should buy another book. However, all period books should have some information on periods. After all, when a person does have their first period, they can become pregnant.

Anyway, I hope this helped. Have a good one, cheers.

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