cover of The Care and Keeping of You 2 (American Girl) by Cara Natterson

The Care and Keeping of You 2 (American Girl) by Cara Natterson

Book Review:  A book about puberty for girls who are starting to show changes.

Book Review

The Care and Keeping of You 2 American Girl by Cara Natterson is an American Girl book about puberty and growing up for slightly older tweens.

This is the next book from American Girl and is for girls who are starting to show some signs of puberty (the first book, The Care and Keeping of You 1,  is for girls who have yet to experience changes to their body). This book covers new questions that girls might have about periods, their growing body, peer pressure, personal care, and more!

Being an American Girl book, sex and sexual feelings are not talked about, so if you are looking for a puberty book that doesn't talk about sex, then this is a book to consider.

Sexual intercourse is NOT talked about in this book.

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Ideal ages

The Care and Keeping of You 2 (American Girl) by Cara Natterson is ideal for children between the ages of 10 - 12 years of age.

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Today we are looking at The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Older Girls 2 by Cara Natterson. This is from a company named American Girl. So, if you like this book, consider buying more on their website.

Now, this book is the second edition to the first one called The Care and Keeping of You 1 and is for older girls. This edition came out in 2012, meaning it is more recent.

Natterson starts the book off beautifully, ‘Dear reader, as you're getting older, everything about you is changing.” I love how direct and upfront she is to the reader. This makes the book welcoming and child friendly.

As I continue through, I’ll quickly find the contents and what this book is all about. Firstly, it starts with the basics; your body is changing. It also talks about self-care like hygiene, deodorant, showers, and looking after pimples.

It also says here there’s some more important information like what happens to female genitals during puberty. There is plenty of information on physical changes like hormones, breasts, periods, and hair.

Then, the book gets into the psychological ways’ girls change during puberty. So, it talks about how you may start becoming more independent or start drifting away from your family. Also, body image, confidence, and all that sort of stuff is talked about. There’s lots of information on body image especially.

It talks about how it is your body and your world. How children may start wanting more freedom and what to do if their parents aren’t ready for that. Talks about the importance of friends, peer pressures, and being responsible for your body.

Visually, the book is impressive. I love how my daughter can open this book and just enjoy the aesthetic. The way it is set out is also easy to read and go along with. In general, this book is a fantastic introduction to puberty.

There is a Q&A- Question and Answer, which I also love. The questions in this section are asked by real kids and are questions kids ask all the time.

This book is about 100 pages long with loads of beautiful imagery. Even drawings of more inappropriate things, like vulvas, aren’t too scary or realistic.

If you also want to turn to the back page, there is a glossary of different words that were used. So, if any of the words confused you or your child, you can just turn to the back.
The Care and Keeping of You 2 is a good book. It doesn’t cover sex and is purely focused on puberty, which I think is nice. Even if you have a younger child, they could like this a lot. It is like a picture chapter book, however.

When I read this, I was quit pleasantly surprised. There are a lot of old puberty books out there, but this is one of the better, newer ones. Anyway, I hope this helped, cheers. 


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