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cover of The guide, period. By Naama Bloom (HelloFlo)

The guide, period. By Naama Bloom (HelloFlo)

The guide, period. by Naama Bloom who created HelloFlo, is a popular book about puberty and periods for girls but manages to avoid the sexual parts of growing up.

This book for girls focuses on periods but does talk about the other part of puberty as well (but not masturbation, sexual feelings and sexual intercourse). It has a very modern layout, with interesting facts and trivia, which makes it very popular with girls.

The book is interesting but as a parent and a sex educator, I don’t like books that make fun of periods and that perpetuate the myth the periods are only a negative experience. You could turn the negativity of the book into a teachable moment though, and chat about attitudes and beliefs about periods. Feedback from girls though, is that they enjoyed the book.

Sexual intercourse is NOT talked about in this book.

The guide, period. By Naama Bloom (HelloFlo) is ideal for children between the ages of 10 years of age and older.

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