Sex Education Videos

Videos to help parents get started with sex education

Here you will find a collection of short sex education videos on a range of different topics that are relevant to parents and kids. You’ll find videos from Sex Ed Rescue as well as other channels on Youtube.

To help make it easier for you to find them, the kid’s videos will be clearly marked. Just make sure you watch the sex education video first before watching it with your child, to ensure that you’re okay with the information that is being shared and ready to field any possible questions.

You will find videos for parents on teachable moments, sex education, puberty, and pornography & cybersafety.

You will find videos for children, sorted into videos for younger children, tweens & teens, the ASAP Science videos, puberty, my Puberty Talk YouTube channel, preventing sexual abuse and porn, sexting & staying safe online.

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Unsure about how to get started? (with sex education)

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Teachable moments

One of the easiest ways to do sex education is with teachable moments ie everyday situations that you can turn into an opportunity to teach your child something about love, sex, relationships and growing up. 

If you want to learn more about how teachable moments work, then you’ll want to check out my Teachable Moments page. It contains over 30 videos and their transcriptions (just in case you prefer to read, instead of watching a sex education video).

Sex education videos for parents

Here you’ll find educational sex education videos for parents on a wide range of different topics, from the Sex Ed Rescue website. Where you can learn how to naturally talk to your child about sex, all while respecting your personal values. 

Sex education videos for younger kids

Looking for an educational sex video that is perfect for explaining things to younger children?

Here you’ll find some educational sex videos that parents have found very helpful with talking about where babies come from, how they are made and pregnancy.

Sex education videos for tweens & teens

Here you’ll find series of sex education videos that target tweens and teens. 

You’ll find The Sex Education Show, which is a UK program that provides parents with the opportunity to upskill their knowledge or to watch them with their teen and to use them for a teachable moment. Sex-ed School is a Canadian series of sexual education videos for kids about the birds and bees as they approach puberty.  The Norwegian Sex Education Show gives 8-12 year olds a ‘very’ straightforward approach to puberty and sex.  The Spring Fever Sex  Education Videos for tweens and young teens explains sex, how babies are made and the changes that happen during puberty. The RFSU videos from Sweden are a series of explanatory sex  ed videos that provide simple information and sexual and reproductive rights. The videos are a series of educational videos for 10 to 14 year olds. 

So if you’re looking for a sex ed video for your tween and teen, you’re sure to find it here!

ASAP Science videos for teens about sex & bodies

The ASAP Science videos give some great ‘scientific’ explanations for teens about how bodies (and sex) works.

Puberty videos for parents

Here you’ll find videos for parents about puberty and growing up, from the Sex Ed Rescue website. Where you can learn how to naturally talk to your child about puberty (and sex), all while respecting your personal values. 

Puberty videos for kids

Educational sex ed videos can be a great way to teach your child about puberty. So here you’ll find a range of different sex ed videos that are suitable for children of different ages.

Pornography & Cybersafety videos for parents

Here’s some videos for parents (from Sex Ed Rescue) that will help when talking to kids about staying safe online.

Videos for kids about porn & sexting

Here’s some videos for kids, that parents can use to start conversations about pornography, sexting & staying safe online.

Puberty Talk

PubertyTalk is my Youtube channel for tweens where I answer their questions about puberty and growing up. They send in questions that I then answer by video. The answers I provide are the types of answers that I give to my own kids, so the information is all age-appropriate and at a level that they will understand. You can learn more about Puberty Talk here.

Videos for kids about preventing sexual abuse

Videos can be helpful when talking to kids about inappropriate sexual touch. So here’s some good ones that I have found.

You’ll also find a wide range of videos at Fight Child Abuse (too many videos to share on this page (sorry)

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Resources to help parents with sex education

Resources to help make sex education easier

Life as a parent can get busy! So below, you’ll find resources that will help you to find a better way to talk about sex. Which means you can focus more on the talking instead of searching for the resources that will make it easier!

How to explain sexual intercourse to kids
How to talk to kids about bodies, penises & vulvas
Cartoon illustrations of the private body parts
cover of paperdoll friends
Anatomically correct paperdolls to cut & color
cover of paperdoll superheroes
Anatomically correct super heroes to cut & color
cover of paperdoll families
Paperdolls for talking about where babies come from
cover of sex ed answer book
Age-specific answers to tough questions kids ask about sex
cover of the parents guide to puberty book
How to talk to kids about puberty & sex
kid watchign puberty course for tweens and teens
Online Puberty course for tweens & parents
parent watching parent info course
How to protect your child from sexual abuse
a group of parents looking at a phone reading the sex education newsletter
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a group of multi cultural children for the 5 day sex ed boot camp
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Sex education resources
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FREE Facebook group for parents
the different teachign resources
Teaching aids for educators (& parents)

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