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Educational sex ed videos from Sweden (RFSU)

Inside: RFSU in Sweden have created a series of explanatory sex-ed videos that provide simple information and sexual and reproductive rights.

These  Swedish videos provide simple information about love, sex and relationships that is suitable for both parents and teens.

They were created in 2018 by the Swedish Association for Sexual Education (RFSU), as a resource for teaching migrant women about sex and their reproductive rights. 

As a parent, you’ll find them useful for a quick refresher on sexual and reproductive health. Or you can watch them with your teen for educational purposes.

Just make sure you first watch them by yourself, to ensure you’re comfortable with the information they share.

You’ll find more videos that are suitable for children (and yourself) about sex education in my Sex Education Videos page.

Lust and pleasure


The vaginal corona (or hymen)

Male genitals

Female genitalia

Birth control


This video has been removed from Youtube. I will update the link if ever I find it again.



Time after childbirth

Female genital mutilation

Pain during intercourse

STDs – Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexual Violence

Honor-related sexual violence



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